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  1. Findri Posted yesterday at 12:28 AM Notify Moderator / Report Content #561
  2. Dancing penguins Penguin.hkx Penguin.xwm
  3. Haru Mamburu RamambaHara.hkx RamambaHara.xwm
  4. La Camisa Negra LaCamisaNegra.hkx LaCamisaNegra.xwm
  5. This dance seems to be in the Assembly. poledance.hkx poledance.xwm
  6. kaoma lambada Lambada.hkx Lambada.xwm
  7. Evil Angel JS Posted July 2 Notify Moderator / Report Content #8998 Hel Armor Collection for 7BO by Arsenic This looks cool Join to request.
  8. Michael Jackson - Thriller Thriller.hkx Thriller.xwm
  9. Shakira - Whenever, Wherever whenev.xwm whenev.hkx
  10. Sorceress99 Posted 21 hours ago Notify Moderator / Report Content #8976 Thanks for the praise.From You, its to hear in doubly pleased.And here is Your conversion - Rodeo Set.
  11. Sorceress99 Posted yesterday at 01:37 AM Notify Moderator / Report Content #8956 1923liwu CBBE BodySlide 1923liwu CBBE BodySlide.7z
  12. Off topic.A selection of old videos with famous artists and bands. To raise the tone. https://ok.ru/video/594547968688
  13. NoNickNeeded Posted 23 hours ago Notify Moderator / Report Content #8775 Yang Yang CR Dress Original: http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-2881.html Alternate download location: https://kp4068.tistory.com/3215 CBBE Conversion + altered esp for non-kanji ingame names: UUNP YangYang CR Dress CBBE_BS.7z Test in game. Good job.
  14. nameuser11 Posted 22 minutes ago Notify Moderator / Report Content #8751 Anyone got a translation of that pack? It's in Russian Or a copy of the removed pack Thank you O_O - he provided a working link to the latest version of the mod [dint]BDO Clothes Pack from 15.04.2019 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ro-QWJAO-99O8zpeiLcSjrsTzuJ5aoiA/view (what's on my video). Mod in English,but not without error - one armor is not displayed.When dressing her - no body and no armor. It's one of 20.Mod quality,beautiful.
  15. MagickaGuzzler Posted 51 minutes ago Notify Moderator / Report Content #8746 https://eskrimmods.blogspot.com/2018/10/dint-bdo-clothes-pack-cbbecbshdt-cloth.html This link is old - there is no new armor,clothes.The new link was from 15.04.2019 and hung on the author's page for two days.For some reason, the author deleted the free download page.
  16. [dint] BDO Clothes Pack - More than 20 sets of armor and clothing CBBE Bodyslide HDT in one mod.
  17. SunJeong Notify Moderator / Report Content #224 Posted 4 hours ago The actual dance for this song has already been made for Skyrim. Provided by Clonereal And what is the crime ? If there is,lay out hkx and xvm files dance. I contacted Clonereal 14 days ago,asked him 11 any dancing. He promised to download a whole package of his dances. Only where and when to download did not specify.
  18. MilfSimmer Posted 6 hours ago Notify Moderator / Report Content #8720 For some reason I can't find ChaPi Clothing & Chapi Stockings in BodySlide, I wanna change the BodySlide preset but I don't know if I'm missing something Answer your question here - Papadrino Notify Moderator / Report Content #8702 Posted April 3 The problem is with the folder "CBBE Bodyslide HDT" this folder is not necessary, you have to take the "CalienteTools" folder inside and place it in the corresponding place.
  19. Dance Cover Dance Cover.hkx Dance Cover.xwm
  20. thegrimreaper2 Posted yesterday at 03:55 PM Notify Moderator / Report Content #8709 Has anyone every converted this to CBBE HDT Bodyslide? If not, anyone up for it? http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1784.html I found only UUNP Bodyslide RUS. Maybe Bodyslide files will help someone in converting attire into CBBE. Nice outfit. Graviczapa_Desert_Dancer_UUNP_Bodyslide.7z
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