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  1. К сожалению нет.Плохое знание английского не дает возможности разобраться в программе MMD and 3D MAX (пытался но не получилось).Попробуй спроси у CLONEREAL, он зарегистрирован на этом сайте.Он занимался этим.Правда - буржуи жадные.

  2. To unite after the opening of the archives books books part 1 and part 2. The General archive of the mod more than 100 mg - had to be divided into two.

    books part 2.7z

  3. Hello zzlaq1,You completely disappeared.I want to offer to issue a joint mod,called books - comic books(90 books).I attach a trial version of the mod of the three books.They can be found in the safe of the Warm Winds house on the ground floor.The variants of those books you can judge if You like the idea.Sincerely, Vladimir.

    books part 1.7z

  4. I want to assemble dances to get rid of the asynchronous dances(from the dance at which several hkx files) - I will replace them in sync with one hkx file.Will do it on the basis of DanceTogether - 80 dancing with a video on each dance and send it to You..You will be able to overwrite fnis dancetogether list.txt according to the replacement of the dance ?

    1. zzlaq1


      Ok,just post me with a text file that list the name of the dance you want. But base on the original, I will try, but can not assure, for there will be something to edit in the scripts, but for base on the Let's Dance agian, will be no problem.

  5. Hello zzlaq1.Once again convinced(playing new games: Assassin's Creed Odyssey,Shadow of the Tomb Raider) that all these games do not have enough modding Skyrim.If You still have the desire - let's companues 100 fine rabotayushih dance with a video on each dance.Then you upload this work to some website.You can do it on the basis of fashion DanceTogether(I have a mod with 100 dances) by replacing the don't need dancing and replace fnis dancetogether lis arranged under the Assembly. Or based on the fashion Let's dance again by replacing unnecessary dances and adding new ones.But when the test fashion Let's dance again, my dancers unfolded in the other side of the camera and animated the camera( if enable did not work properly).I can send you hkx and xwm dance files and videos to it,and it's up to you to include it in the build.

    1. zzlaq1


      Ok,I'd added nealy 30 dance, if you want add some, I can dot it. Just give me a link of hkx and xwm.  

  6. What is required of me?Than will be able-and help.But do not expect much - in technical matters, I'm weak.My vision of this mod in the first place, I would replace all asynchronous dancing(which a few hkx files) for synchronous and according to the replacement rewrote fnis dancetogether list.txt .I can replace the music for any dance and make a video for it.I already wrote you that I was carried away by another toy - Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

    1. zzlaq1


      Ok, I'd done it.

      Sorry to bother you.

      Wish you happy with your new toy. And had seen someboby post picture in tumble about that game. 

  7. Very nice and modern.If I understand correctly, you have increased the number of pictures in your fashion to 332.So lay out your mod - looks great.I was fascinated by the new toy Assassin's Creed Odyssey - a very colorful history multi-functional and more comfortable.If this game could be installed mods-the game (in my opinion) would be better than Skyrim.

    1. zzlaq1


      I followed your step in let's dance again thread, and download the hkx and xwm files you posted, added in the fnis let's dance again list, and copied them in the right dir, but can not go through the fnis for modders, so can not add idle in CK, I posted the detail in that thread asking for help, had you done these project, and had any idea of that?

  8. The link to the page 


    1. vipersanya


      Thank you very much

  9. Dear Andy 14,is it possible, with your permission, to add to the discussion pages of the fashion Let's dance again, new hkx and xvm dances with videos(those that are not in Your Assembly).

    1. Andy14


      You can upload what you want - nobody has forbidden it.

  10. What is the white room ? The question is not understood.

    1. happy_polla


      Aether Suite mod -> The White Room 

  11. Я ,Вам отправил ранее вот такое сообщение :Первый вопрос так и не понял.Вам нужны оригиналы картинок?Если да,то по какой теме.
    По второму - SMP физику не использую.
    Тело в танцах Проект 5 - cbbe hdt с анимированной вагиной. Пресет и текстуры есть.
    Аля варвар - тело unpb с анимированной вагиной. Пресет и текстуры есть.
    Архивы - всего будут весить больше 100 мб. Давайте Ваш адрес эл. почты - я загружу. И по первому вопросу - уточните.

    Не надо меня напрягать компьютерным сленгом. Сюда написал в мессагу,по теме questions\вопросы.Куда написал  - ХЗ его знает.

    Человеку нужны были танцы ,он прислал мне адрес эл.почты.Я ему без всякого геморроя загрузил 1 ГБ архива.

    1. RomeoZero


      Зачем  ты мне пишешь в статус то, если есть message\система сообщений на сайте ? ?
      Первый вопрос был про оригиналы картинок верно.
      Когда из оригинальных файлов делают что-то вместе с вторичными элементами и объединяют их в одно целое, их называют reference файлами.Иногда их выкладывают отдельными файлами в архиве, ( как исходный код для разработки\source code) чтоб их cмогли скачать и использовать другие люди например.

      Раз ты делаешь моды,подумал ты знаком с общими терминологиями в моддинге.Извини,буду проще с тобой в этом плане.
      Раз есть пресеты по телу - это отлично ! Тогда буду благодарен, если кинешь мне пресет тела cbbe для bodyslide (или сам готовый femalebody.nif )  и его hdt xml файл физики.

      Обычно они весят от 1мб,можешь смело кидать в вложенном файле.

  12. If you need - I can download Dancing in Skyrim V6 - 200 dances.But they weigh 2 Giga.Through the site does not load.Need your email address.And from holtof55 you get nothing for free.

    1. unded


      Huh, as expected from holtof.

  13. Да, я русский, город Москва.Общаться лучше на русском.Злюсь на себя - за 10 лет школы и 5 лет института так и не выучил английский.Из Вашего сообщения на английском - половина не понял.Видео мое .Еще видео можете посмотреть по этой ссылке https://www.loverslab.com/topic/24722-sexiest-dance-mods-list-stripper-dance-etc/?page=22&tab=comments#comment-230456, на этом сайте (может быть еще что нибудь понравится) .И напишите по подробнее, что Вам нужно.Все, что есть - перешлю.


    1. RomeoZero


      Отправил тебе сообщение.

    2. varfolomey


      Мне на почту ничего не приходило. Ваш адрес электронной почты romeozero1@gmail.com ?

    3. RomeoZero


      Сюда написал в мессагу,по теме questions\вопросы


  14. Send me the archive of all the images You want to see in fashion 140 pictures.And write in any the framework (plastic or wooden),me their to do.

  15. Describe your installation difficulties and specify which of the three options you want to install. I'll try to help you.

  16. I coped and this mod was released in English and with new frames - thanks to you. In the description of the fashion I noted it.

    1. zzlaq1


      Made a little glass stage in high land park with backgound form the picture you released this time, it's amazing, and I am impressed of your ability to select the wonderful materials for the picture.

      You are genius with great viewpoint for choosing the best sex pictures.

      My skyrim world are brilliant with your talent artwork.

      Thanks for offer these beatiful things.

  17. I'm finishing the mod "picture gallery 140 paintings" in three versions. 1-luxurious assets, 2 - sexy girls and the third - fantasy. After the completion of the mod,will download in the site.You can hang these paintings anywhere, including in the red salon.

  18. Again, the Assembly did for themselves, so there are some disadvantages. 1-I deleted some hkx files for dance synchronicity , and fnis dance together list.txt did not rewrite.Therefore, when you update the animations FNIS tools will show that there are not enough files-do not pay attention to everything works. 2-do not involve in the dance of your main character - sometimes after the dance he loses control.Attract companions.3 - dancing which I replaced the synchro can not begin synchronously - in this case, stop the dance and turning it back on will sync.And if you missed the site loaded mod Lets dance again 1.1.0-96 dances-author Andy14 with instructions on how to add to this mod new dances(up to 256 dances).Link to mod Let's dance again 1.1.0.Link to my build https://www.4shared.com/archive/Hnh2fp-Lda/Fengwu_Dance.html


  19. Sorry for English. I'm communicating through a Google translator. I did this assembly of dances for myself, based on the fashion Dance Together (37 dances). Six dances were left from the original, the rest was found on the Internet and half gave to friends. Almost all the music was replaced. Asynchronous dances for 3,5,7 and 10 dancers replaced by synchronous, removing extra hkx files. Whose animation did not know when doing the assembly. It was later, when I made the assembly, one of the friends gave the sixth holtof assembly and told the story. This holtof for this assembly wanted to get bitcoins (100,000 dollars). I tested this assembly and was not surprised that no one wanted to pay money for this shit. The first - the assembly is based on the same fashion Dance Together in 2012 - the Asian author. The author did not give permission to build the holtof. Secondly, a large number of dance animations are collected from other mods - Dance Together, Companion Selene Kate, Bathing Beauties - Luxury Suite, Shake It - Dance Animations,
    clone real and other mods. So that the authorship of holtof is very conditional (he most of the time simply stole and appropriated himself). The third - out of 200 dances in his assembly - 150 dances can be immediately thrown into the trash because of the animation curve and not synchronous music. If you need my assembly, I can download it.

    1. unded


      Yeah, if you could get a link for it, it would be appreciated

  20. BODY  UNPB with animated vagina.


  21. Hello, please help-replace( if you can) all the vertical frames of paintings (in Additem menu they go under the following numbers painting 25,26,27,28,53,54,55,56,81,82,83,84,109,111,12,138,139,140 - total 19 frames)on the horizontal.You did it with painting 137 nif.81.Please do separately for your frames and for wood.I have because of these vertical frames all the work stopped.All images in these frames are distorted.

    Upon completion of the three options Art Gallery Skyrim 140 - the first download - you.

  22. I'm doing this mod for 140 pictures, I'll finish the work - I'll post it on the site.

  23. The author of this assembly of dances considers himself Hoolt 555 (he is registered on this site), but the authorship can be considered conditional. He stole the Fung Dance fashion and based on it gathered all the dance animations that were made for Skyrim from such mods as Kate's companion,  from fashion luxury suites and others. He wanted to get decent money for this assembly, but in the form in which it is (of 200 dances - 150 can be immediately thrown into the trash because of the animation curve and no synchronous music), no one paid for the shit  . I gathered from this assembly 37 best dances in the fashion Dance Toge  ther, replaced all the music and laid out on this site (many users asked for it). The mod lasted for two days - there were loads of fashion, but hoolt 555 showed up and presented my rights. I gave the moderator a link to the original Fung Dance (your  compatriot) - despite this, the mod from the site removed. The name of the dance is written in esp.  - I changed the duration of the dance in it when I replaced dances and music. As for scripts for fashion, I do not know. On this topic you should talk to your compatriot Realclone, he is registered on this site. He has many dances on YouTube and here is a link to his  patch camera for dancing 


    1. zzlaq1


      "your compatriot Realclone", he met the same situation with you, he imported some hkx from mmd, and sold out, was attacked on the site from mmd funs, so he closed to public dance mod, and limited to a small group that had be paid a small amount of money to join in.


      As for funs and players as us, every edition is valuable, not for business selling, but for our free playing, afterall, most mod are for free. The meaning "valuable" of mine is that every player of us had our own interst and reserch of the mod, one can not do all this solo, every change gathered from us will make the mod more intersting.

      "The name of the dance is written in esp.  - I changed the duration of the dance in it when I replaced dances and music." What you had edited is also useful. Though you just replace something on a huge amount (128 dance).

      And when I tested recently, in the middle of the dance, when animation start, the camera focus move to a high location, first I am not suitable for this. Then I tried to open tfc again in console, then came out the interesting thing. The camera foucus can be moved freely when dance animated, sometime I moved it under the actor skirt like 3 years old baby, somtimes I moved it to the front lower foot of the actor, just like sit in the first line of a strip club, and see the girls dance for me, this is amazing, for the original mod, the camera can not be moved so easilly,( for the camera use the player view point) and with you edit of duration, I had time to adjust the camera, for the dance not start immediatly, had a 3 to 5 seconds before start.

      As for Hoolt 555, his contrabution to the mod is obvious, after all he gathered so many hkx, in our commity, they still use the 44 dance version, and when new animation came out, had just to be replaced for some old. If not for sold, may not be kicked out.

  24. Beautiful lingerie set with full animation of the gown - Sexy Lingerie Set BodySlide ( the users love these things).Mod in Russian and has some flaws.After putting on - a gap in the ankles of the legs (slit),some clipping clothes-especially stockings.I attached a video with this kit-there all the flaws are visible.If you want to translate the mod to English , fix the error and put this mod on the site loverslab - problems with copyright will not.



    1. zzlaq1


      Got it, I'll check and see.

    2. zzlaq1


      1 The esp file had translated to English as attached below

      2 chang the baseshape of my game to cbbe-hdt(I use cosio hdt vegina body as baseshape), and test the stocking, no clip for me, don't know waht baseshape and preset you use, sometime the preset casuse some clipping(you would enlarge a little of the clipping part in outfitstudio according to the preview in BS with your preset).

      3 the hdt xml not work for me, it's clip, looked from the video, seemed working fine for you.

      4 the baseshape within the mod after bs, had gap with hand and feet.

      5 the boot are not real high heel.

      I will

      1 check in the CK or TesVedit, to see if the armoraddon refer to the right nif after BS

      2 Chang the baseshape of the outfit that in slot 32 with baseshape needed in the project file( or you can try this yourself), to see if it can solve the problem 4 above.

      3 edit the boots to real high heel.

      4 repaint the bodyweight of the outfit that hdt xml affected, and delete the xml file in the mesh dir, for it's not work for me( for now, I had not researched how to edit the xml file)

      after the 4 above solved, I will change the baseshape to my own, to see if it work fine.( sometime when I do this, the stocking clipping will appear)


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