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  1. Good morning amore, I was away for a while for personal reasons but now I'm back.

    I look forward to seeing what the creative and talented ways here have done!
    Mad about too much aggressive submission! 😍😜

  2. 59d243efc907b860cd79dd78fa27edbc.gifO que outras pessoas estão dizendo

  3. It's been a long time, I've been waiting for a mod able to make me reap the rewards of a life of sex and perversion. a mod that the more i prostitute myself,the more i get raped,walk naked etc ... But the people (NPC) treat me differently.Comments Like: She's a Bitch, She has had sex with more than 30 men, is a whore, for anyone.Anyway, the more bitch, the less respect you have for me.And of course, this will have consequences. Example: if you are naked, or wearing sex clothes,beyond insults tried to rape,if you are working as a prostitute, some clients may not want to pay you because they think you're a bitch,if you are seen having sex for a group,they can try to rape you soon after, You may be trapped, followed by one or more npcs,always intent on having your sex.But all this always linked to your reputation, until you get to the point of being recognized, hroughout the kingdom, always having wherever,a line wanting to make your body a park. Given some mods that already exist,I think it would not be so difficult to do, for those who know.I hope someone is interested,and be a simple mod without many dependencies. Crazy waiting for this mod lol I don't speak english so sorry if you have errors or something meaningless
  4. Good afternoon my loves,I missed you, but now I'm back.
    Another thing I miss, is to come here and see the news daily dos nossos amados criadores.
    Thanks to them our game are never boring and our taras are always met lol.
    I'm crazy about news, be new updates, or brand new mods, I think everyone knows my taste right! lol.🥰


  5. Congratulations! Wonderful animations as always! I'm suspected of speaking because, for me your animations are the best.and if I can move on but ganbang, DP3, DP4 and Hardcore animations, it really pleases me, thanks for your work. I'm sorry if I have errors in my writing, I don't speak English, I write with the help of a translator.
  6. perfeita! Gostaria de saber os mods que você usou.
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