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  1. No more lesbian animations? 😥I would really like to have more of FF-animations. Strap-Ons don't work in my game. My female sims always wear them out.
  2. Why should it be illegal? Birth on this way is one of the most natural things. I also would like a birth mod because it's realistic to get born like this and not through some machines which bring the child like magicians out of nothing to the world like in the hospital from the Sims.
  3. Woher hast du die Frisur der linken Simin? :-) Hab sie noch nie irgendwo gesehen.
  4. I have the same problem. And I also want to ask because of the task "Keep in shape". My sim tried everything - yoga, workouts during the energized emotion and nothing happens. What should she do? I have the newest version 🙂
  5. Where are the animators for more lesbian animations? I love to play with lesbian Sims and I can't understand that there are only a few possibilities. E404 did a wonderful and esthetic tribbing animation where one female is humping on the bottom of the other female sim. I would love this as stage or climax animation. It will also look fantastic on the bed. I don't like the Strap-Ons because my Sims don't wear them for Strap On-animations. They wear them before they have sex with each other but then during the animation they don't. Please do more tribbing animations for lesbian Sims ❤️ I also miss some lesbian animations for whirlpools, sideboards, bathtubes, etc.
  6. My sims already got text messages from NPCs like "I can't get you out of my mind. May I meet you?" For me it's a first little romantic interaction because it's very flirty and a very brave action. Even Vladislav Straud sent this to one of my female vampires.
  7. Thank you so much. Next to Mike24 you are my favorite creator. Your animations are very hot, esthetic and realistic. Special thanks for the lesbian animations!
  8. Thank you for the last update. I love your animations so much - especially the lesbian ones. Could you make lesbian sequence animation with climax for tribbing from behind? I don't like the word "asstribbing" because it doesn't sound nice but I think that's the word for this sex position. I think it's one of the best and most beautiful lesbian positions.
  9. I still want to request this: https://de.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph589db0c0b103f There are only a few climax animations for lesbian sims and I would love animations like the first 3 and the last scene in the video if it's possible because it's full of passion. Generally there should be more tribbing animations. There are so many animation possibilities lesbian sims can do with each other - not only playing with dildos, strap-ons, licking and fingering. I would also like more climax effects - not only for male sims (I hate the cum on the skin of my female sims because it looks disgusting). FF looks more elegant and very esthetic. E404 got a nice effect for female sims. The wetness looks so naturally and real. Another animator (I think it's Azmodan) was using noises of skin on skin in his animation - but only for FM animations ☹️.
  10. Thank you!!! Where can I download the new file? I only see the version of 16 June 2019 😞
  11. Hi, I've got a very long Last exception-txt*-file but I don't understand the problem. lastException.txt
  12. How do you get the orgasm effects? It's so realistic and naturally. Please tell me that there a mods which can cause that. 😉
  13. Hi, does someone know good creators who don't only create porn stars as sims or sides where I can request sims who look like a singer? I already did requests at a forum from The Sim Resource but if you request a sim there you get no answers ☹️
  14. Where do I get the Sims 4 rig? I want to try making ingame animations for the poseplayer but I can't find it. I always find Making Of-Videos but nobody explains where you get the Sims 4 figure. I don't want to overwrite an animation.
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