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  1. Im really loving Kinky World but I can't find animations for the Training dummy with dildo. My sims can use it to train martial arts but when I chose the dildo option they do nothing. I've installed all the animation packages mentioned and added manually the ones that don't automatically apply themselves using the Kinky World add package settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ivy is my favourite companion, I love her to bits! ?I also have AFT installed ? So far I haven't had any issues so ?because I love AFT too!
  3. Ivy is my favourite companion, I love her to bits! ?I also have AFT installed ? So far I haven't had any issues so ?because I love AFT too!
  4. Hi Kimy,

    I really love your mods. Ive been having alot of trouble with Skyrim SE Devious Devices and cant find any ways to solve a clipping issues with ball gags. Ive tried to fix with Bodyslide but cant find them in it! I really love gags so this is devastating!


    Hugs and kisses!


  5. Hi, I found this on youtude: Mod is on Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/1738 I havent tried it yet, just installing now.
  6. I installed this mod yesterday and Im loving Ivy, new favourite companion! Chic Geek is fantastic and puts the vanilla voices to shame. I get so bored of hearing the same old vanilla lines for Nora, especially the stuttering "I, I just want to trade" one when giving settlers better stuff. It got me thinking how cool would it be to have Chic Geek as my characters voice! Is that even possible?!
  7. Thank you very much Mercenary 666 for your detailed and understandable assistance. It has been invaluable. Ive had so much trouble trying to get presets to work. Got it working last fortnight but grrr issue with Steam meant I had to re-download and start from scratch. One thing I want to add that Im not sure is in this thread: Ive noticed NMM has a tendency to dump some files it installs in the Data folder when they should be installed elsewhere. Im not sure if this is just a quirk of my install (installed in D drive instead of C) or if some uploaders of mods are mistyping code that i
  8. 1/2 sound like what you need to do is one of the following two options: if you haven't done that, use BodySlide to build the items. Just select your CBBE preset that you're currently using, then on the bottom left click Batch Build (may be called slightly different, I'm too lazy to open BodySlide right now, but it's on the bottom left). If you have already build the items and can say for sure that it's not that then... (1/2)/3/4 sound like an issue that requires you to do a clean save and then reinstall the newest version. Especially since something seems to be off with Kimy's dialogue. I'
  9. Firstly Id like to say that I am loving the Devious Devices and Deviously Cursed Wasteland mods. I don't think I can go back to Vanilla Fallout now! Had to sneak from Diamond City to Goodneighbour in an extremely compromising position and extremely overloaded so unable to run or fast travel. I had to rely on Piper armed only with her default 10 mm handgun to defend me from Super Mutants! Very thrilling to creep past Swan unarmed and in nothing but extreme bondage! I love that restraints equipped from bondage traps prevent other items from being able to be equipped. I have had a few iss
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