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  1. New hdd, decided to rebuild skyrim again New video4.mp4
  2. Taking a quick glance, and assuming you have all the requirements, you should disable/remove CBBE SMP, High Heels Framework, and CBP Physics. Redo the installation of CBBE 3BBB, 3BBB Body Amazing in bodyslide, and run FNIS
  3. It's really just how the physics is handled. Best bet is using Grower to at least shove the clipping to when it's at a flaccid state
  4. got another skyrim itch, now trying to fix the color difference on 3bbb fair skin so have some old pics
  5. afaik the erection slider in racemenu allows you to change that by increments you can try with negative values on the BallsForward slider in bodyslide, Hips - Forward, or Butt - Move Crotch
  6. It looks like the Carnalitas team is going to have to do most of the adult mod legwork this early in CK3's scene. Wish you folks luck
  7. Perhaps keep the sex event chains to 5 years, but leave a reusable bedding option for a generic roll to produce heirs? Either way, best of luck on this, I hope it makes the ck3 modding scene more concise
  8. Finally got DD to run without CTD, but I need some help. At events, mainly trapped looting, to put my character in bondage, the animation plays and the gear is added and equipped, but is not visible. It can also be taken off without keys. I have ran the bodyslide files and FNIS multiple times, doing this in SKSE 2.0.17. Side note, it did in fact run just fine on first install.
  9. Decided to make the switch to this version. Really liking how the texture works well with overlays like wetfunction, though perhaps the balls can be a bit higher rez.
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