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  1. No i didnt cause they re a lot of lover mods and some damn versions i dont know where to copy content of mods :/ for example lovers has Lovers Pk and lovers base... Or some body mods has some how to say subversions
  2. Is there any way to control animation poses,i mean wihtout pressing camera mode toggle to stop? And how can i unlock more sex poses?
  3. I set it up sexdarknees to work,only active contents is little buggy but everything else seems fine,i just wonder why i cant hear voice in game,and need to know if i put the other animation in game will it affect my sexdarknees mode or will just add more sexual options?
  4. Well Tnx a lot for everything to be honest Fejeena eated her nerves to help some boring motherf*cker like me and im trully grateful to her,i set up for evrything for sexxdarkness only just need to find what is the problem with sex spells cause characters doenst doing anything or sometimes mixing their bodies as one,seems like texture problem or just with some action,when i choose basic instict and any content same happening shit,im only searching for this slution to be sure why charatcers wont have a sex and standing a front of each other,or mixing their boides,sometimes some lower parts missing...really strange,i ve found sexlivion eng ver on nexus and didnt shure if that is different one,cause there is sex darknes and sexlivion as parted versions and sexdarkness/sexlivion as one...yes im beginner,and i still need to learn a lot HGC kup D kup and bla bla.cause i dont know if i download some body,which armor should i use,i have download Sui body for example http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/42935/? and didnt shure which clothes and armor i need i downloaded for exapmple female snake armor and in the radme stay that armor chest is at Market district near statue but cannot find it,yes a ot of stuffs i need to learn,just im pissed cause of those having sex problems,missing lower body part,combining bodies with your sex partner as one.doing nothing when choose sexual action oe cast a spell...and the rest,i have done everything what fejeena saz me but still those animation problem remains... once more tnx again
  5. Just tell me does lowers with PK supports Shivering isles with latest patch? And does mod from nexus Works for Lowers?
  6. and nexus site doenst work for me cause saz file not found for this id
  7. Then i should play it too cause there is no tits f**ck for example in ssexdarkness
  8. Well the problem is with lower body cause when i choose sex spell characters just standing in front of each other and not doing anything and lower body missing. Any solutions?
  9. I think i recieve an error cause of free account maybe?
  10. The problem is that when i start sex spell or choose basic instict i cant see my or male character his lower body and then start spectate mode i mean i can see crosshair and can move trough wall floors and fly but cannot do anything else
  11. My character is fine form fps and Tps but when i hit sexspell on some NPC thats starting to happen with first person i can normaly see but i can fly trouhh textures,similar to spectate camera,and the third person view i cannot move
  12. Hmm No file exist for this ID its kinda bug on NExus site
  13. I have done everything yout told me feyeena and my character flying through textures when im in first person,and from third person a cant move,well maybe thats cause i didnt create an omod so im doing it right now
  14. adn about Obse i have copy it to Oblivion install dir and then in data folder i have created folde OBSE then inside Plugin folder and copyed plugins for obse,but didnt shure if i need to put HUD for Elys plugin dll
  15. Well now i cannot create an Omod sex darknes,while compressing files on the end it shows me an error something bout parameters and names...but after that it shows me that file cannot load it propertly,that in game also when im in game i have lover mod but mesaage appear in upper side of the screen,and it saz something bout OBSE then it thrown me out of game
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