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  1. Bless you, I thought these were lost for good since bigCman123 seems to have quit...
  2. Well, I went ahead and redownloaded the files and installed them anew to make sure it wasn't good ole file corruption and those foreach errors went away. Sorry to deviate the conversation like that. And yes that log was newest xNVSE though but I still need to retest now that I got that spunk foreach cleared up. But I'm certain I'll still hit the same ugrid error. Spoke too soon. I'm sure it's just something off in my modlist or gamesave. I'll look into it. Edit: Got that solved. SpunkFu race detect went away when I uninstalled spunk completely (u
  3. That's occurs even in old xNVSE. It's otherwise pretty harmless, just an eyesore. Think it has something to do with my character and partner being a custom race or something?
  4. Looks like you're on the money. My log shows the same ugrid error. Latest xNVSE. slinval.txt
  5. Seems be a common issue right now. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. The Frontier needs new xNVSE.
  6. Not exactly spunk related but the latest xNVSE broke my ability to even initiate subsequent animations. The first animation worked as expected but any after would give me an invalid actor -1 error and refuse to work until I restarted the game or reloaded a save and it'd still do it after one animation. So anyone who does upgrade xNVSE, I wouldn't expect things to really work. I had to revert back to the beta. I also do get spunk errors in the console for the CustomRaceFunc. I'll try to come back with a log.
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