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  1. You do not have to worry, although it is an English forum, Nobody will tear your head off if you once write in German. I'm already 9 years member here and I've seen almost all the languages on LL. that's my 17,717 post and that most beautiful, I speak and write no word english!
  2. ich werde suchen, aber ich glaube nicht dass es einen deutschen Konversationsthread gibt. kennste die.
  3. I remember good on this edition the Bravo, can be found on the internet. but there wasn't just one.
  4. Freddie Mercury, he even lived in Germany for some time. From around 1979 to 1985, Mercury chose Munich as their main residence. and he drank a lot of Bavarian beer.
  5. sorry I can't find the original song.
  6. i was there in Mannheim 1986, Queen LIVE concert.
  7. sorry my mistake, I spoke in general, but you have to admit, such big tits for a child follower, has only one reason, sexification of children!
  8. my opinion on child followers, especially when they are naked, is a little tougher! mod authors can count themselves lucky, if the Staff only removed the mods. in fact a banishment is due, I even go a little further, actually the moderator team is obliged to file a criminal complaint! That goes not at all, 9-10 year old child with huge breasts.
  9. there are all possible versions which I know, but i don't know about HDT for CBBE. Hentai Mixed Armor
  10. too much of the good, I mean Chili. 🤣
  11. why don't you ask the author @hugswop of the pictures? he is a member here on LL!
  12. every animal has its own little gem my taste it is not, I mean Futa's.
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