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  1. My first attempts at taking screenshots. Can you you guys recommend any good posers? Xeries the Breton Conjurer and Corrupter of the Sisterhood of Dibella: K'trn the Orc. Master of Dwaven Steam-tech
  2. If anyone has this and is willing to share pls send me a DM. Thanks!
  3. Hmmm. I tried talking to him with 2 different followers (Mjoll and Lydia ) and the only dialog he has to to ask about buying one of the slaves hanging in the back.
  4. Is it possible to train vanilla npcs as a female player character (or at all really)? I've completed training all the slaves that were available after taking the castle from Mia (Mia, Vess, and the Jarl's daughter) and I thought that would give me the option to train vanilla followers. Am I missing a step/ quest or is it just not an option to train vanilla followers?
  5. Other than having the mod, racemenu and racemenmorphsuunp active is there anything else I need to to get this to work with Uunp body? I'm not noticing any changes at all when I try the ingredients and potions. Edit: Nvm. I figured it out. Just needed to reinstall Bodyslide.
  6. Does anyone know what mod this jumpsuit and in particular the tool belt are from? Are they separate mods or all part of the same outfit?
  7. Has there been a uunp hdt conversion for this update which adds Thalmor, Orcish, and Elven armors to the list of bikinis?
  8. Thank you so much. Edit: Now that I know what it is I also found a uunp hdt conversion for those that are interested https://www.loverslab.com/topic/44014-bless-online-armors-pack/
  9. Does anyone know what mod this armor comes from? Thanks!
  10. Is this mod still available at all?
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