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  1. will this work if given to enemy NPC... (for example via Spell Perk Item Distributor or SSEdit)? Or only if cast by PC?
  2. With all the new Milk Farm additions, looking forward to SSE conversion!
  3. Can you confirm what CorruptionListMilkPumps does? Allows for other milk pump cuirass armor to be auto equipped during corruption? When drink alcohol from inventory, corruption is increased. If drink directly from container (while looting) it does not. Can this be adjusted? Thanks!
  4. It is great for you to take time to create these tutorials. Can you please create one that actually sets up Creation Kit to use with LoversLab mods/master/dependency? Or point to a clear, definitive guide? Thanks!
  5. great mod! the crime law for skimpy clothing is greyed out. is there a soft dependency i am missing?
  6. Interesting idea. Trying it out by giving it to select enemies (e.g. Deadly Wenches). How much arousal is expected for each hit. How to adjust? Magnitude looks like 100 but arousal only going up by a few points on hit (2-4).
  7. This looks interesting and promising! I really like the customization via json! Do all json customizations end with a SL animation (or escape)? Any thought on triggering other mod dialog (especially if lost the struggle)? Somehow reference the mod's dialog topic for formid? Could really extend the possibilities. Same for having the NPC force the PC to: drink something specific (e.g. lactacid, SLEN aphro potion), equip something specific (e.g DD, parasite armor), lose gold, etc. Could really open possibilities. In json, may be interesting to have conditions.
  8. Like with mod much more than other needs mods! The custom penalties and variety of needs are excellent! A few observations/requests: During Pee anim, TAWOBA bikini bottom is not uequiped. Please consider patch or fix for this. Would be interesting if drinking would give an extra spike to the need to pee. Same for food for poop. I don't use bathing as I use BiS (which has nice tie in to SLS). Please consider, if possible, triggering bathing if BiS bathing triggered. Like the alcohol and skooma dependency needs. Lactacid for MME need fo
  9. Enjoy this and your other mods! Is it okay or recommended to use The Milk Maid along with A Milky Life and JUGS? Or are there conflicts? Thanks!
  10. Small oddity... Walk into Riverwood with Bikini license (and no armor license). Quickly forge TAWOBA bikini armor and equip. When bump into Enforcer a few minutes later, get the you shouldn't be wearing armor / lighten your load dialog. Nothing actually happens as result of dialog. Small inconvenience but wanted to report.
  11. Great mod! There are quite a few armors that integrate with MME that are "devious" if PC is a milk maid. See below (copied from MME mod page). Would you consider creating a patch for those (or some - maybe just the parasite) armors for folks that use this and MME? I haven't tried them all but I believe at least the last two won't unequip without the cure. Cow Harness 1 -Dwemer milking device 1 -Milker 1 2 Below armors will consume milk and feed Lactacid. These armors are considered Living: -Spriggan Armor 1 2 -Spriggan Host 1 -Living Arm 1 -Hermaeus Mora 1 -HM Priestess
  12. Thanks for the information! Great and detailed answer! Was looking to experiment with new beast so as to not conflict. A different flavor. I can make xEdit changes but scripts is something I have not been able to get to work. I will continue to try.
  13. Thanks. Maybe I don't have them setup correctly. I am not seeing one affect the other. Any help would be appreciated.
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