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  1. I have a question/possible issue. I was in the teasing or HJ menu and there was an anal fingering animation. It caused my sim to lose her virginity. The vaginal HJ animations haven't done that... is it a one off?
  2. Hi Nisa! I absolutely love this mod! I have one question, which might be a wider WW question. Is there a way to completely prevent a sim from engaging in sex? This might be an incompatible issue with AEP's prostitution, which allows random sims to solicit others who have done cam shows or photoshoots. I know I can keep my new sim from being in that job or doing anything while I'm playing her, but I worry that she'll be a rando that will solicit others under those rules. I'm having her go the trophy wife route so I don't want any accidents to happen! Not sure if the abstinent reward would
  3. It takes a long time to get it to go away. I'm sure Nisa could tell you the full amount of time required, but you've gotta drain the pink goo and keep it empty for a good long while. My sim still has the "always horny sex slave" moodlet after returning to normal.
  4. Hi there! I love this mod! I wanted to see if there was any chance you'd be able or willing to add in a part time option?
  5. This mod is fantastic! I have a question - you mentioned that your CAS traits may not work if you have a mod for additional cas traits, is that something you plan to change any time soon? Or would it be possible to have the traits as aspiration rewards? Thanks so much for all of your hard work! Do you have a patreon??
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