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  1. I have an issue where the game will tell me CREATURE FRAMEWORK HAS SUCCESFULLY BEEN INSTALLED. Yet I can't find it on the MCM Menu, have even tried doing a clean restart this is really getting to my nerves.
  2. Hi I found the Issue, Apparently it wasn't even SexLab related mods. My bad My fix for my CTD to desktop was related to Racemenu Alpha 6 + XPSM 4.3 Solution was to delete skee64.dll from SKSE folder.
  3. Ok defeat on creatures work now but... My game crashes after I try to save and load... [06/09/2018 - 04:56:16AM] Papyrus log opened (PC) [06/09/2018 - 04:56:16AM] error: Native function GetEquippedArmorInSlot in empty state could find no matching function on linked type Actor. Function will not be bound. [06/09/2018 - 04:56:16AM] Update budget: 1.200000ms (Extra tasklet budget: 1.200000ms, Load screen budget: 500.000000ms) [06/09/2018 - 04:56:16AM] Memory page: 128 (min) 512 (max) 153600 (max total) [06/09/2018 - 04:56:19AM] Cannot open store for class "DLC1TestPhilA
  4. Did it, at least two times. It came back with "Creatures Initialized! message" registered 800 animations. :shrug: It seems to give me exact same thing too.
  5. I've already ran FNISGenerate for Users. Have installed FNISCreatures. I've tried re-registering. Rebuild and clean. Nothing seems to be working. All three different mods won't work with creatures. Defeat. HentaiCreatures. ArousedCreature. MNC. Training with HentaiCreatures does nothing. "This -creature name- is not interested in mating with you" "Your spell fizzes and does not work with the actor." "You can't surrender to this enemy" Below is my Sexlab information and Load information
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