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  1. Does anyone know where this maid outfit mod is from? Doesn't appear to be the one from Tailor Maid or anything I've seen before.
  2. So I have no idea where this came from, but when I was using Bodyslide, an outfit choice appeared titled "TentacleMonsterA" and "TentacleMonsterB". I have absolutely no idea where this came from, and to top it all off, when i use the ingame console command help for finding an item, nothing pops up under tentacle. Load Order: Pic from Outfit Studio:
  3. hello, I really like how far this mod is coming, but I am having trouble with getting the PND DPR Master file registered in MCM. I noticed a couple of previous users had issues with it not working while it was registered, but for me its not even showing up. I followed the instructions on Little Space, and made sure the PNDiscreet esp was disabled and had all the required files, but it does not show up in game. I tried the setstage console command and waiting 24 hours but it has not worked. Oddly enough, even with PND unchecked, the MCM registers PNDiscreet (which im guessing is from the esm) rather than the diaper mod.
  4. Hello all, I'm using Nerfbrony's PND mod and it is great! Just wanted to say thank you for putting the time and effort to make this mod. However, I'm having some issues though. I was using the 1.41 version until i saw the updated versions in this forum and updated it to 2.31. Since doing that, when my character puts on a diaper from the mod its invisible and usually disappears within 5 seconds from the inventory. I'm new here and this is my first time downloading a mod from loverslab. I have Private Needs Discreet installed as well. EDIT: So I did a clean save install, and I turned on debug messages. The diaper still becomes unequipped, and when that happens a message shows saying something like "not cleared with 5.738671" and the number changes each time it disappears.
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