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  1. what do i edit in the xml files for the hdt tails to have them not collide with anything or to reduce the collision area?
  2. everyone do know the more mods that add unique or general npcs textures can mess up since YA changes only base plus dlc npcs you can also get CTDs now replacing textures like flawn's argonians or feminine khajiit can may cause CTDs but animations can also add to any CTDs related issues also from what i know adding hair styles can sink into heads and alsso may cause CTDs or like a couple of you people i have seen having a fuck ton of mods can cause CTDs.
  3. damn i guess this will have to be put on hold until you find out what it is
  4. very nice bad dog i am also hoping that any crashes stop with that
  5. @FoxxoInSoxxo bro your load order is way out of whack, i am going to message you my discord and i can tell you how modding skyrim works (even fallout since it works the same)
  6. SE's engine is redefined though similar to the original skyrim, however some aspects did have to be rewritten to allow better performance and quality such as being able to use the vast amount memory thats available to it, but again these all are small so nearly any mod can be converted, so all i can think of is converting what works and remaking what does not but bad dog take a break man from tomorrow to sunday time to relax, you work your ass off bro
  7. i run a fuck ton of mods with YA so i get crashes a lot
  8. lets say i enjoy being a pirate hint hint wink wink also yes cause SKSE is 2.0.17 with runtime 1.5.97
  9. @rb888 thats a pose for vanilla at the beginning of the game so anything that changes the feet model will cause the feet to be slightly in the ground since the pose for vanilla gameplay, and if the tits drop to the ground thats a body and skeleton issue but if its you go to a different cell and they a stretch to miles away than come snapping back to place or just stretch out miles and not come back that is a HDT or whatever physics based mod for the tits thats causing the issue @Synlaine where are you getting freezing at, and im guessing the game freezes than CTD?
  10. @Ryusho that can happen with heads as well its a shading bug P.S. @Bad Dog if you can make a patch for this mod that would be amazing https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/28995
  11. @Ryusho with YA 6.4 you have start a new game it sucks i know @hazelboi there is the left cheek and right cheek in the xmpsse racemenu stuff @Bad Dog if you need someone to test anything through another PC i can do it
  12. cbp is cleaner and firmer while smp smoother and heavier also i switched to YA SE and the races are not changed edit: after looking at the files for YA 6.2.1 and YA 6.3.0 the most obvious difference is that 6.3.0 does not have RaceCompatiblity.esm in the main folder so i dragged just that from 6.2.1 to 6.3.0 main folder and it worked all the races are changed
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