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  1. I don't know if anyone is working on or planning to work on adding new events, but is it possible to create new scenes with modding tools we have available (I know this was asked earlier, but I don't know if that changed)? I've never modded any of the persona games, so "bear" with me. If we can't currently add new scenes, would it be possible to take an existing scene (let's take Chie's rank 10 lover route event as an example) and heavily modify the dialogue and choices using a series flags, variables and if/elseif/then statements? So let's say someone makes a script that will trig
  2. Well it came from finding out about the function "AddTopic", I know it could be used for the small scripts that can be used when a topic/choice is selected in existing dialogue (Example: the script that sets the white glove society honorary membership to 1 when speaking to Marjorie with high strip fame), but I guess I made a logic leap that there was a function for if a specific topic was chosen it would activate a script. To make it more clear I thought something like this exists: a script to begin on either gamemode or if a specific npc was talking, then a condition to check
  3. Hi I'm thinking about making a mod that adds a few perks to the game. There a few points in the vanilla game that I would like have these perks appear in dialogue and offer alternate solutions for quests like the other perks, special, or skills. I'm fairly new to using the GECK, but I am able to directly change the vanilla quests to add these options. The reason I am asking for help is mostly because I know directly editing the vanilla quest's dialogue is a bad idea due to it causing incompatibilities with other plug ins that edit the same NPC/quest. I also know that you can use sc
  4. After the complete reinstall and manually installing the body mod, it's working now I must have screwed with one of the .ini files or something that was causing the issue, because I've tried reinstalling the game without removing the documents folder and it wasn't working, but now it is. Thank you so much for your help.
  5. The textures didn't work for me Thanks for trying to help anyway, I really appreciate it. I've gotten it to work on this computer in the past, but I'm struggling this time. I'll try a completely fresh reinstall of New Vegas then, including a new folder in documents. I did get the files so you can remove the upload. EDIT: There is one thing I forgot to mention that might narrow down the issue. The BNB armor replacer's textures worked (the armor and clothing themselves, not the skin), the only issue I'm having is with the skin texture. I'm not sure if that helps, but it
  6. I must have installed the mod incorrectly then, because I am still having issues even after all of the previous steps. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong though, since the meshes are present, it's just the textures that are missing (The same with BOG, and that fomod comes with the download). Thanks for your help. Should I do a clean reinstall of New Vegas?
  7. Thanks for helping me, but I'm still having the issue after placing it into the data folder.
  8. Hi, I'm having some trouble getting body mods to work with in New Vegas. I'm trying to use the Bnb body, but no matter what I try I end up with a result identical to the picture bellow. I've been trying everything I can to fix this. I have tried installing via a fomod, I've tried installing manually by just placing the meshes and textures I want to use (they are the textures that came with Bnb) into the data folder, I've tried turning archive invalidation on and off again multiple times, my fallout ini file is not read only, I've changed bInvalidateOlderFiles=0 into bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 in
  9. That works thank you! One other quick question though, what do you mean exactly by "save it globally" in regards to "save_global_event_target_as"?
  10. Is there a way to make an event chain where a new character is created and also used in a scope in a later event in the chain? To make it a bit clearer, I've got an event chain that should go like this: event 1 (create character, first character gets event 2) -> event 2 (first character in the event gets an opinion modifier of the created character, first character gets event 3) -> event 3 ( first character gets chance to be impregnated by the created character, event chain ends) but currently goes like: event 1 (create character, first character
  11. Interesting, It's only causing problems when the file is installed in my mod. I tried running the validator, but I couldn't see anything that would be causing a problem like this. It's not giving me many parsing issues, It's been pretty much all just been a small error I made a few times when giving a special boarder to events. I'm getting a lot of invalid Char id notifications, but I'm not sure why since the events are as a whole working. EDIT : Somehow fixing that one parsing issue resolved the problem, I have clue why exactly.
  12. I'm having a bit of a problem with my events. Sometimes, after I would add a few events to a page, the game would no longer recognize the events anymore (as in, the game can't find them when I try to use the console to force them to start). However, if I cut and paste the events not being recognized into a new event file, they will suddenly work. My current event that I'm working on is suffering from this, but it's even worse than the other times I've had this happen. The file will now ONLY recognize the first event on the page, anything else will not . I've checked the event brackets to make
  13. I'm making a mod, but I'm having some trouble with one of the traits I'm making. The trait would more or less remove the attraction opinion of other characters with the gluttonous trait (basically someone who doesn't mind gluttony). I could just make it so characters with the trait have an opinion boost with people with the gluttonous trait, but then that creates another problem where the character will have a higher opinion of a gluttonous character that they are not attracted to vs a gluttonous character that would be attracted to. So a straight male character’s relationship buffs would look
  14. I got it! I found the issue. I don't know if its just on my end, but I found the particular file in Far East Modules that is causing my AI troubles, it was the decision file "DWF_Races_Neko_decisions.txt". As soon as I removed this file in an attempt to see what file, if any, is conflicting with my mod, everything started working just fine. Just looking at the code for the one event in the file it seems fine, so again, I don't know if it's just on my end or not.
  15. I have also tried getting a new crusader kings 2 documents folder (the parent folder the mod directory is found in), and installing only the relevant mods and my little snippet mod. The AI issues still persist.
  16. Okay, thanks. I'll just leave it for now anyway. I have no idea how much more I'm going to be adding to this mod in the long run, especially if I can't get the AI fixed. Do you have an idea of what might be causing it? After running the vailidator, I couldn't find anything that (I think) would cause the AI to not use decisions. Edit: I forgot to mention another thing that I didn't think of until now, I also added a few events for character's that had the tentacle pregnancy traits. The reason this might be important is because I made those events the same way (supposedly, maybe I me
  17. I'm also a little confused about the "userdir". I'm not sure what it's for and if there is supposed to be a folder I'm directing to or if I need to make a folder, and if so, where would I make it. Also if you are running the validator on my mod to look for errors, I'm editing two vanilla files that clutter the validator's error detection; HFP_health_events and 00_scripted_effects (I know that I probably shouldn't touch this one, but since my mod is more or less an overhaul of the game's weight system I have to)
  18. Got it, just fixed all the file names. Just curious, what problems would my file names have caused?
  19. Due to the circumstances where the AI stops making decisions, I'm really not sure how to proceed. Considering that whenever Far East Races is enabled, it seems to effect all targeted decisions based on the snipet mod. I've also tried removing my mod from the mod directory entirely and the AI still breaks whenever that specific module is active. I have everything backed up, should I reinstall my game and mod list and see if that fixes the problem?
  20. Its not really a change, its just calling on the Neko trait for events and event options. But I probably should make it a dependency anyway, thanks.
  21. would my dependency be, DWFantasy, DWFM Races Far East, or DWFantasy Modules?
  22. Sorry, yeah I should have posted my full mod. The reason I didn't post it first is because I'm currently using custom artwork, but I currently don't have permission to put it into my mo., so right now they are just there as place holders right now while the mod is still in development, to be removed if I don't get the "okay" from their respective artists. So I posted that little snipet just to get something out quickly. I didn't think to just remove the gfx folder to that more quickly. I'll post full thing in minute. And as for the Validator, it isn't finding my mod for some reaso
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