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  1. I use LE too, a few of them are compressed in a format that oldrim can't read so I converted most of them to LE. These are the files I use for LE: QoS tats.7z WooYuKuRimTats.zip I added the face teardrop tattoo in there too, that was the only one that needed the json file, but I already included it in there. Just install them normally and they should work with slavetats.
  2. can you install this midgame if you had the original family planning mod?
  3. You can tell them individually to make themselves useful or you can talk to your taskmaster and tell her/him to do something with your slaves like use them as decorations if you have placed zaz objects around the house, put them to clean the house or make them entertain your guest... there are many options.
  4. There is a way to know where they are. You have to long press the options hotkey for the teleport menu to appear. The menu shows where they are and you can teleport them to your location.
  5. is there any way to track where your slaves are? I enslaved a gunner and sent her to Sanctuary, but I cant find her anywhere.
  6. I have staged leito plus, but if I disable leito animations on UAP, AFF will not work.
  7. I have staged leito plus, but if I disable leito animations on UAP, AFF will not work.
  8. Bless you! I've been trying to make AAF work for hours, whenever I tried to have sex with someone nothing happened. I followed what you did an as soon as I checked Leito animations in UAP everything was working fine! I don't know why the AAF guide says to uncheck Leito animations in UAP, but if you do that it will break AAF.
  9. Every time I try to have sex nothing happens, the npc just stands there and if I try to use the hotkey on the npc I get a message saying that the npc is busy.
  10. The only one you need to make a folder and a json file is the "QOS Face teardrop.zip" all the others are ready to be used with slavetats.
  11. In case you haven't seen it before, this BLACKED underwear from Melodic should go great with these tattoos... it's paywalled on his patreon, but you can find it for free on his discord, just search for "Amet Bikini".
  12. Hey guys. Sorry for not answering, but I've been a bit busy lately. The link I posted before wasn't mine (like I said, these tats aren't mine. I tracked them to some korean site that it's kind of difficult to browse around), so it wasn't me who locked it. I will upload the files I have here and I'll add a few QoS related tattoos that I've found digging around. They should be ready to work with slavetats (most of them at least). BTW I'm not the most organized person in the world so there might be a few repeated tats within the files, sorry about that. Remember to follow the instructions I poste
  13. I managed to fix it by removing the tokens using the console and then unfreezing the npc. I also turned off sexlabLoversbed in the mcm menu since it was the mod that was causing the issue.
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