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  1. Akdmico Animations for WickedWhims Pets - Zoophilia

    Akdmico Animations for WickedWhims Pets - Zoophilia
    I share the animations that I have done for the sims 4. At the moment I only have animations of zoophilia.
    You can support me in my patreon
    To see them in the game you will need:
    Wickedwhims By TURBODRIVER Wicked Whims Pets By ColonolNutty  
    BED_oraljob ORALJOB F D BED_handjob HANDJOB F D BED_kiss HANDJOB F D BED_cowgirl_1 VAGINAL F D BED_cowgirl_2 VAGINAL F D BED_cowgirl_3-climax CLIMAX F D BED_threesomeOral_1 ORALJOB F D D BED_threesomeOral_2 ORALJOB F D D BED_threesomeOral_3 ORALJOB F D D FLOOR_doggystyle VAGINAL F D FLOOR_oraljob ORALJOB F D FLOOR_missionary_1 VAGINAL F D FLOOR_missionary_2 VAGINAL F D FLOOR_missionary_3-climax CLIMAX F D FLOOR_ass-to-ass HANDJOB F D FLOOR_ass-to-ass_1 VAGINAL F D FLOOR_ass-to-ass_2 VAGINAL F D FLOOR_ass-to-ass_3 VAGINAL F D FLOOR_ass-to-ass_climax CLIMAX F D FLOOR_doggy_1 VAGINAL F D FLOOR_doggy_2 VAGINAL F D FLOOR_doggy_3 VAGINAL F D FLOOR_doggy_climax CLIMAX F D FLOOR_threesome_1 ORALJOB F D D FLOOR_threesome_2 HANDJOB F D D FLOOR_threesome_3 VAGINAL F D D FLOOR_threesome_4 VAGINAL F D D FLOOR_threesome_5 ANAL F D D
    some animations have no sound 
    Animations early access:
    For animations where the dog licks, it is preferable to use a breed that has the same muzzle as the Dalmatian.
    In animations of fellatio to the dog, it is preferable to use the long penis.
    The animations are based on the Dalmatian dog breed.
    Different breeds can cause incoherence with the muzzle and width of the dog's body.
    I repeat are only zoophilic animations.
    Excuse English, it's from the translator.



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