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  1. Hi! I just want to say, I love your work on this. And by you, I am inspired, including others. So, I decided to make pet(s) animations, but I am having a hard time to make it work. Could you please help me with this? I am trying to make it work?

  2. I don't believe, although I have no idea if that can be done currently.
  3. In the early access animations I have one. It is a threesome between a woman a dog and a man, although it's just an animation, I still don't do the complete sequence.
  4. I got a wickedwhims error but no LE, it posted this

    Tried to assign actor on sex handler creation failed 4IUFmO2tkm5RIOD1drDv15MU/akdmico

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    2. Akdmico


      Does that happen to you always or only when you use random?

    3. tatsujyn


      for any sex animation it gives the "tried to assign actor' message

    4. tatsujyn


      I'm going to try again though since I did a fresh install of WW and WWpets

  5. Hello Not for the moment, just the animations that are on the first list.
  6. Update of 21/10/19 Four animations added: BED_threesomeOral_1 BED_threesomeOral_2 BED_threesomeOral_3 FLOOR_doggy_climax
  7. Thank you very much At the moment I do not have time, but it is something I plan to do in the future although I do not think it is very close.
  8. This happens with all pet animations? if not, could you tell me which ones you have that error.
  9. Thank you very much, I'm glad you like them. That is a problem of the mod, you can check with ColonolNutty. That's right friend, the first animation I did was vaginal so I didn't worry about enabling it for men and then use the same settings for all animations.
  10. Update of 25/08/19 Four animations added: FLOOR_ass-to-ass_climax FLOOR_doggy_1 FLOOR_doggy_2 FLOOR_doggy_3
  11. You don't need an animation folder, but you must have all the necessary folders. I have no idea why it doesn't work for you, try to accommodate the tents in the order advised by ColonolNutty
  12. You can try to hide the bones of the other dog. but to make loops, I recommend that in the dope you select all the keyframes of the dog and press "shift + D" to copy, and with the mouse you move them just at the end of the others.
  13. Someone could pass me the sun loungers of Island Living, I don't have that expansion pack and I think they are a bit different from those of the base game at least in the part where I want to do the animation. I just want my animation to look good on all the sunbeds.
  14. Adding sounds is something that really bores me too much and there are no moans in the game that I like. but I agree with you the sound adds a lot to the animation. Maybe in the future try again.
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