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  1. The regular CBBE body doesn't have a belly node installed on it for SE. You need the CBBE 3BBB body in order for CBBE to have any belly growth.
  2. That's all well and good for standard body replacers but there tend to be issues with 3BBB bodies that require additional legwork for compatibility. Since I originally posted my comment, I sought out help (and received it) on the SLIF page. There's definitely more aid there for the issues I was having. Everything is now working.
  3. Unlike UNP Schlong by b3lisario, this one requires you to choose whether or not you want to distribute it.
  4. Not entirely sure what mod was the problem but it's working now.
  5. Unless they're unchecking outfits in batch build, batch build builds every outfit that has bodyslide files. The most likely issue is some of the outfits don't have bodyslide files.
  6. I have all that. I utilize CBBE 3BBB from Nexus that has the 3BA body merged with it. I utilize Bad Dog's 3BA Skimpy Armor and Clothing Replacer on Nexus Mods. I hunt down 3BBB/3BA Conversions of clothing or armor mods, avoid ones that don't have conversions. I already utilize that file that you shared. After trying everything under default modus as suggested by inkyvonstump, I found success after tweaking sliders to the point where both belly and breasts increased in size. Went ahead and deleted the saves for my "test run" and started fresh, made sure settings were the same. Made no adjustmen
  7. I have had this issue even without DD installed. 1 on 1 Creature animations always work fine.
  8. Yes, skeletons are installed properly. The problem is when trying to run 3 some sex animations with two male creatures. All human animations work fine regardless of amount of required actors.
  9. Thought I had got everything working but somehow the belly is now concaving instead of inflating.
  10. I have had similar issues that I can't figure out either with "Failed to add actor" but I usually get "Actor invalid".
  11. I've tried that file. Using it currently. I'll give default modus a try.
  12. The only way I windup getting anything out of Fertility Mode is to increase the sliders directly in Fertility Mode settings or leave it separate from SLIF with default slider settings. Leaving it separate gives the proper bodymorph belly. Running it through SLIF gives it some funky looking donut shaped belly.
  13. Sounds like your using a body replacer without a belly bone/node. While you might get the belly to jiggle from physics mods, you won't have inflation. I know this is an issue with the regular CBBE mod as the mod author abandoned the belly node for vagina physics in SE. If you're using the regular CBBE body replacer, I suggest downloading CBBE 3BBB to actually have a working belly for the body.
  14. So for some reason, SLIF will only register mods like MME, Fertility Mode and Elsie LaVache under Default Modus. It'll only register itself and Fill Her Up under Morph Modus. As I utilize the CBBE 3BA body, I need to be able to rely on Bodymorphs instead of default scaling. Any way to fix this?
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