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  1. Is there a way to save the NPC stats when deleting the DOM_Script? from a save file. I deleted it to fix Thugs System but it causes all the NPCS to lose their progress, they all go back to being in scared mood and I have to redo them but their training stats are all still the same.
  2. Is Thugs for LE released? Or is my game just bugged with old scripts because every time I load in I always have 0/0 for thugs and when I try to recruit one it says I have reached the max amount of thugs
  3. There used to be a topic on here where there was a download for The latest version of Fort Knox for LE but I’m assuming it got removed
  4. Is there an ETA on a new version for LE or at least a way to decrease the npc stats instead of punishing for no reason?
  5. Ye Really need it XD, but overall good mod but I regret settings Punishment Rate from 100 to 1000
  6. Is there a way to force Shock Mood with Slavers Spellbook?, cause I got one of the NPCS to max accidentally and tried using Praise/Scold for no reason but it didn't work
  7. Are the Devious Plugs a different mod? I only found 1 Devious Plug mod buts its from 2020?
  8. Is there any legitimate way to reach love Mood?, or is the current way only to use the potion?. Also whats house training XD
  9. I don't know which mod causes it but whenever the NPC equips something during an animation. they clip down and the position gets messed up. Im testing it with Aheago Tongues mod and whenever the npc equips a new tongue they clip down.
  10. Is there a way to disable the Tongues from being added to the inventory?. The Tongues with the face just don't look good for me, also for some reason when the tongues change the actor clips into the floor for a few seconds.
  11. fixed it, didn't have anything to do with Dom. was just Sexlabutil. Also the Pose I was talking about before was the one where their hands are behind their back
  12. Is HSH bugged out for anyone else?, instead of going up the trainings going into legit negative numbers lol
  13. The one where they Put their Hands behind them. It causes them to stay still and bug out. Sometimes when I run off they stay in the same location and I have to attack them for them to move again. Also im using idle animations :P.
  14. Is there a way to disable the automatic pose, that happens every time the slaves are near the Player?.
  15. Do you know what mod you used for the Tattoos on the Nude Bodies for the 2nd and 3rd picture?
  16. Ye I don't really know anything about coding XD its fine ill wait I didn't know it was for SE only Rip
  17. I don’t see the new dialogue option, is it restricted to certain slaves?
  18. The t pose I saw was with her hands slightly down and she was able to move her head not the default t pose
  19. Ahhhh ok when I saw the t pose I was like oh shit did I fuck up in FNIS again XD thanks for the clarification
  20. Are slaves supposed to be tposing when I do the inspection option?
  21. Does anyone have a Overwatch Tracer follower for Skyrim LE?, I've been trying to find one online that was working but couldn't find one?
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