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  1. Uninstalled and reinstalled the mod caused the mod to restart. The MCM is still broken. I clicked on enslave Skyrim and nothing happened. I reinstalled SL survival which was able to restate Slaverun reloaded. The slavers attacks were not attributed to this mod, Uthgerd the unbroken also attacked, while bystanders where saying fight. The fights stopped after my PC attacked a guard and spent a night in prison.
  2. Hi I just started a play through and would like to share some of my experiences. The first problem I encountered was entering Riverwood. It was at this point that an enforcer approached me and demanded to know where my companion was. I was then brought to Whiterun and collared, the collar had a chain attached to it. I then changed SL Survival to not require any companions yet the same thing happened again. I then uninstalled SL survival and the problem went away. So, the intrusive enforcer may be a SL survival problem more than a slaverun problem. After this I proceeded to compete the i
  3. Thanks for this mod, Is SuperDepth3D compatible with this mod. Superdepth3d is not showing up in ReShade after I install Superdepth files. Both this mod and Superdepth run off of ReShade and I was hoping to be able to play this mod in 3D. Thanks for your help in advance. Also do I have to do anything to activate the controller? There seems to be a glitch and I can only play with keyboard controls. Thanks again
  4. Found my one-way conversation problem, I needed this mod “Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice” https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15109
  5. I get it, the file in amputator mod is labeled backwards, source/scrips instead of the proper order scrips/source, thanks. Would anybody have a guess to why the NPCs responses are not playing. I’m only seeing the options the PC gets to reply, so it’s a half conversation.
  6. Truly confused I don’t see any amputator file in the mod file tree. On a separate note I can start the mod and get choices to respond to the NPC. Yet I don’t see what the NPC’s are saying. This problem is happening in some other mods also (RDO Relationship Dialogue Overhaul). Is this a glitch on my end or am I missing a mod that expands the dialogue?
  7. Good mod, I have an idea. If there is a successful escape. Instead of having the attacker inadvertently run away. Have the NPC chase the PC. If the PC gets caught the rape proceeds.
  8. Hi, thanks for this great mod, but sadly I had to stop playing it midway through. my problem was that I was hopping for some more excitement. I couldn't play as a slave, that role felt to restrictive. As a slaver the game was slightly more entertaining, but got boring after the first few towns fell under slavery. Won't it be nice if there was a way for the player to fall into slavery and also be able to be freed. I've seen a female player striping, and pleasing a slave agent. At which point then the agent just gives her a warning. Don't you think that a player should be able to be tricked, or
  9. Hi, Thanks for this mod. So far I have just begun to play around with the current update, and have to say that I am really enjoying it. So far have not experienced a single CDT and find this mod to be well on its way to perfection. just some ideas that maybe you can implement on v4. I was wondering if maybe there could be a death alternative option where a player will be sold to a random hold as a slave. at this point the player will have to go through some slave training. once the training is complete the player can then escape that hold by leaving. But if the player returns to that hold afte
  10. I see all these wonderful animations where this beautiful dragon-whore is licking ones cock. yet all she is really doing is moving her head up and down at the side of the cock. later she goes for some girl on girl action. my god she's getting off her partner by rubbing her nose against her clitoris, no tongue involved at all. Is there anyway that we can see some tongue action?
  11. I currently have it set at 200%. all the traders that i have encountered are exhibitionists. The room rentals are still enabled with armor on.
  12. Hi. Thanks for this great mod. Its a wonderful add-on to DCL and SD+ running together. It makes my strong female character used just that much more. so far I haven't experienced any problems with the mod, but I didn't play around with the MMC either. I was just wondering if you can make it required to be nude in order to rent a room. Also it may be nice that anytime the PC wants a favor from an npc, there would be a chance that she (the PC) has to do some intimate deeds before she can even request the favor. anyways thanks for this mod
  13. Hi, I have a fairly simple mod request. The mod goes like this, every time the player blacks out there is a chance that they will be striped off all there items and left somewhere in the woods. At this point, if its possible, the map would be blocked out until they reach a major city or town. There items will be in the possession of an unknown person. To get there items back one has to either get lucky, or try to pickpocket all the local people. the tigers can come from alcohol, skooma, or slavery. Just a thought, this should be fun and not to difficult to make.
  14. HI, Thanks for this great mod. probably the most thought out slavery mod yet. This mod sets the stage for all the other catch and release slavery quests. Just an idea though, after skyrim falls into slavery, instead of it automatically ending, or coming back. How about one gets three choices. They can leave skyrim in slavery and keep on playing. Or they can enter into a war. something in the lines of the civil war quest. where one will have to battle for each town. when, and if they win they can either take over the slavery ring and become the ruler of the slavery world. Or they can choose to
  15. HI, I installed this mod and now can't delete it. I first tried disabling the mod. The buggy mod would still kick in, causing my screen to go blurry. half the times an attacker would show up. if the sexlab animation played the screen would return to normal. If no animation played the screen would remain blurry. I tried uninstalling this mod. that did not help. I even went back to an earlier save. still this mod would kick in. HOW DO I UNINSTALL THIS MOD.
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