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  1. hey hokusai its me again, i forgot to add, is it make sense to you this penis situation with thigh mod only occured in one family which had a newborn recently, any other household in world didnt effected by
  2. i tried, i dont want to change my 157.3 version, i think its the best version, but i can try it just for science for you
  3. i tried tray importer with thigh mod now, it only shows wickedwhims_tuning.package red. i am using an older version of ww because of another reason. 157.3 version
  4. one of your sliders cause this problem, which one i dont know edit: i figure it out. "hokusai26_THIGHslider_LowerArm_UpperArm__v1.7_vibrantpixels_Cmar_Daniparadise_Dumbaby_bundle.package" this one causes the problem. pls fix. love your work
  5. hello, i have pornstar cock 4.0 mod and wickedwhims teen pregnancy enabled, after two teens had child male sim's penis seems half broken but when i change male sim's gender and back to male penis bug solving, but changing gender makes my sliders gone, so what can i do along this clue to solve or reset my sims apperance with keeping his sliders
  6. actual problem is 157.3 version was perfect for my taste, later versions took away the "immersion" for me, for teen sims seeing an atractive sim naked or wohooing makes no physical response from other sims, no response at all for any kind of situations. it kills the game for me
  7. i have the unlock file, i know about what i am talking about, horny means desire level increase, you can try it ww.set_desire_level <value>, what im talking about is this was doing automaticly when atractive sims around
  8. when teen sims around each other naked(sunbathing etc) or seeing someone doing sex, they became horny, this feature isnt available since version 157.3, so i manage to stick with that version so many time, but now i needed to update my sims 4 and new versions dont do that. why, that was make sense. how can i fix that, is there any command or setting to do that?
  9. where can i download the swing which required to run latest animations?
  10. sims dont get horny getting around naked each other since version 157.3 thats why i use that version still fix that pls
  11. after the latest update or something else i dont know, sims keep fighting in my strip club constantly why is that?
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