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  1. Also CaptiveTattoos 8K WIP.rar and CaptiveTattoos 2.2.7z 17.06 MB · 9 downloads showed no face tats on mine
  2. No, 1.1 078 was resoved, still the same 1.0.4 works, no errors
  3. Im now on Mo2. F4se Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch LooksMenu WhippedAndBranded CaptiveTattoos They show, some are still repeated, and looking skin overlay also resoves in that weird face problem Main issue is solved for now, i continue to install and check every couple mods unti i find what could intere.
  4. First of all, Thank you. I appreciate that you try to help me. After manually overwriting them, none of them where visible and could not leave looksmenu.Had to crash it. Then it worked somehow, most where visible, some not, just copies of the last viewed. Reinstall again, now none of them are visible + when checking skins, getting that weird face/skin LoadOrder_Fallout4_2019-10-29T19-33-42.txt NMM Mod list.txt
  5. I didnt had LMCC. It worked without before. Now i have more options, but not the wanted one.
  6. Savagecabbages was the culprit, dunno why it fuckt up. I managed somehow to deinstall it over NMM without it removing its .esp file. In that weird state it works.
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