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  1. Hello, I'm still getting notifications for wickedwhims mods for sims 4 every time it updates despite not following it. I have attempted to refollow and unfollow, which did not work I am still getting notifications, and I have checked 'manage followed content' where wickedwhims is not present. Is there something I can do, or is there something an admin\mod or similar can do?
  2. Ah! That's fair and also very good news, thanks for the reply\info!
  3. Extremely cool! I am enjoying the mod and looking forward to the updated. I haven't been able to find it\haven't happened to me despite quicksaving before talking to get a bunch of different dialogues, so I figure I should ask for clarification from your or other players: Are there female abusive\rapist customers and 'bad boyfriends'?
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