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  1. The esp file was in a folder called voiceoptions. I did a manual install and didn't recognise it so now I am going to use NMM.
  2. Just noticed my download was incomplete, that's what happens when you upload onto these megasites. The file size on the orange button says 665.25mb but my browser savefile says 634mb.
  3. Yes, as I said in my first post here there was no esm in the download.
  4. So it isn't a proper custom race mod, just a bunch of presets and slider sets? Nothing in the description about where to find the followers. Yawn...just another mod that doesn't do what it says on the tin then.
  5. Is there not supposed to be an esp or esm file for this to work?
  6. Yeah I did that already. I hope we get an option to disable the chloe quest for the next update because it's not perfect, you're stuck with it every time you start a new game and you know you're going to run into these problems.
  7. jigwigigx

    Holiday Gift Hairdo

    I get purple patches around the edges on all hairs.
  8. jigwigigx

    Devious Devices - Equip

    Great tip, thanks. I have now fixed all of the custom armbinders in the mod using this method and as a nice bonus, you get the original one click-button struggle menu back, (and yes it does work), I do wish Kimy etc. would go back to this simple system, the current one is a drag. If anyone wants the modified esp, with Inte's permission I will share it here. Only the armbinders are fixed for now, I don't know at this point what else may be broken but I am looking at shackles and yokes next.
  9. I just use whatever the dd modders say is the right one but i have yet to find a body that all devices and stuff fit properly and I still don't know which is best. BTW: No I didn't know that, I never look at the numbers I am not that familiar with it.
  10. Can I ask which particular unp body you use for your model because I'm still with cbbe and i'm thinking of switching.
  11. Shield of Shite I suppose it's worth a try...
  12. More on the elbowbinder issue, notably the slaver's one. I only got the struggle animations working properly when I uninstalled zaz pack but I found my game crashed too much without it and had to reinstall. The problem with the elbowbinder came back so there is definitely an issue with zap there, but I also noticed it was not the same struggle animation as the one which worked without zap but a newer one, so I guess sleepyjim is right and that it is a new struggle animation but which was designed for the general armbinder. I think it is definitely an issue that needs sorting for the next release.
  13. My game crashes too much without zaz installed now I'm going to put it back to see if it stops.
  14. Has anyone else tried running DD and DCL without zaz animation pack yet? Now that it is no longer a requirement? I went zaz free 3 days ago as I had no dependent mods, but I am not sure if my game is fine as I seem to get a few mored ctd's than I'm used to.