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  1. Every time I see another one of your mods it's the same character model. You got me hooked now have you made a preset? I.E. the white haired elf in your "i support loverslab" ad not the one it the screenshots for this mod.
  2. I have noticed new npc behaviour but I am not sure it is tied to DCL: It's about npc's stalking you around skyrim after a rape attempt that didn't happen due to pc being in full gear. I installed Laura's bondage shop shorty before 8.1 came out so I guess it must be down to one of the 2 mods. Can anyone verify this?
  3. Good one, I hadn't thought of that but I might not bother if there is no end to this mod. The punishment I got from Paul for failing was to remain naked for three hours and since my character was full blown cow and can't wear anything, what was the point of that? LOL
  4. My patience has run out with the run around whiterun in 1,5 mins task that Paul gives you. I don't know if you are meant to fail, but even with whirlwind sprint I still fail because it causes a tremendous amount of lag and nearby guards will try to stop you if you use it. If my load screen times count when entering and leaving the city, then I have no chance of passing this. Has anyone got a cheat code to move it on to the last quest? I'm getting fed up with this part and I want to get this mod storyline finished.
  5. This mod's taking me a long time to finish, when does it end and is there a quest list?
  6. Mostly likely the slave tats pack in the download section.
  7. That worked, I finally got past it. Now I'm at the part where Paul makes you his personal property and gives you tasks to do and I deliberately failed the first one to see what happened and got an iron gag. Nothing has happened since.
  8. Can anyone tell me what order the quests of this mod run in? I want to skip past the cows tears quest ambush because after meeting marc, the hunters appear and I get into a big fight with them but they always end up getting killed by guards or followers and nothing happens to move to next stage. I know you are supposed to get captured but the hunters just keep fighting until dead then they vanish and there's no way to surrender to them that I can find. How do I move it on?
  9. What race is your character and are they custom eyes as well?
  10. Update: Apparently there is a bug with the escape process which will be fixed with the next update. My latest escape attempt was foiled by the parole board who released my character 3 days early so it doesn't matter anymore. ?
  11. FFS people, can we please move on from all this bickering nonsense it's getting as bad as brexit in here. If it weren't for Kimy we'd have nothing and I wouldn't still be playing Skyrim if not for DCL. It's been 8 years, we all should have moved on by now. Back to business, I haven't yet managed to escape from my prison cell yet and I would like someone to clarify for me if it is possible and does it depend on the level of difficulty of Crime in MCM? Am currently on an 8 day sentence for shouting in public at kinky/default level and going nowhere. There is really no point in trying to escape at the lower and easiest levels as you only get 3 days, so that made me wonder if it is only possible at certain higher levels?
  12. I have a hunch that some of these may be red herrings but I found one you haven't listed:
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