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  1. More on the elbowbinder issue, notably the slaver's one. I only got the struggle animations working properly when I uninstalled zaz pack but I found my game crashed too much without it and had to reinstall. The problem with the elbowbinder came back so there is definitely an issue with zap there, but I also noticed it was not the same struggle animation as the one which worked without zap but a newer one, so I guess sleepyjim is right and that it is a new struggle animation but which was designed for the general armbinder. I think it is definitely an issue that needs sorting for the next release.
  2. My game crashes too much without zaz installed now I'm going to put it back to see if it stops.
  3. Has anyone else tried running DD and DCL without zaz animation pack yet? Now that it is no longer a requirement? I went zaz free 3 days ago as I had no dependent mods, but I am not sure if my game is fine as I seem to get a few mored ctd's than I'm used to.
  4. Update on the elbowbinder struggle issue - I just uninstalled zap and anything that depends on it from my game yesterday, then re-ran fnis and now the elbowbinder works as it should, so the problem must be a conflict with zap. I realise some people might be reluctant to remove it but maybe moving it in the load order would help?
  5. I have noticed and reported the elbowbinder issue as well. It has happened with every update since it was first put into DD. It annoys me because the elbowbinder would be my favourite restraint if it worked properly. I hate the predators in skyrim, they just kill for sport instead of for food and then run off and kill something else, I wish there was some way to turn it off.
  6. Oh yeah, it also had a falmer gate in one corner (left, out of shot) for some reason. I thought it might lead to Kimy's private torture chamber or something but there doesn't look to be a way out.
  7. Update: After checking that chloe wasn't invisible I got her refid intending to teleport her back to me, but instead decided to teleport my character to her first using player.moveto command to see where she was. Expecting to find her near deep folk crossing which is where I usually end up on the adventure quest, I got a surprise however when my pc reappeared in a strange dark room with Leon, Leah, Chloe and her doppelganger standing on a bed and no exit to the room. wtf?
  8. Here's a problem I've not had before. I finished the chloe quest and got unbound and took her as follower. Then went to bleak falls barrow to get the claw and dragonstone where I got zapped with the bondage adventure quest only it was chloe that got teleported away, my pc got left behind in the barrow with the inescapable armbinder etc. Don't know what to do with this one but it will be fun finding out.
  9. Is anyone else having an invisible chloe problem or does she have some kind of spell effect in her magic inventory? It happens mostly when I load a save or go through a door into something but I can get her back by opening her inventory, taking something off her e.g. a garment, and giving it back.
  10. This may be down to zap. I have started a new game with zap and any mod that uses it uninstalled to see how things go.
  11. Does anyone know if chloe uses the uunp body or something by any chance as I am finding that some restraints e.g. armbinders clip on her while bound girls are ok. My character uses cbbe curvy.
  12. There could be another mod or mods that need updating first or perhaps you didn't install the new dd mods in the right order? Check if you have the latest version of bodyslide also.
  13. I was wondering, now that zaz dependency has been removed, can i uninstall it and heretical resources mod from my game without affecting DD and DCL? I have no other mods that require them.