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  1. I wasn't aware that there were any sound effects with this particular restraint or I have never noticed them. Might be something in my load order idk. How about a bit of a squeak here and there for the next version? lol.
  2. Was thinking nice digs myself. What house mod is this?
  3. I had to uninstall it for now, I got bored with trying to fix it and installed FNV instead for a revisit only to find that it crashed every 15 mins and none of the "fixes" on nexus helped. Really getting bored with gaming now, I need something new to play but it has to be old cos my rig doesnt do new games like FO4. Suggestions welcome.
  4. I just downloaded Enderal but haven't installed it yet. I was wondering if anyone here could tell me if any of the DD stuff works in it or is it too much trouble? Thanks.
  5. That didn't work either. I tried disabling all the plugins then launching the vanilla game through skse64 and it still crashed so the problem must be skse/launcher related. What I need to know is which build of skse64 works with which version of the game and which verson of skyui and racemenu because I think I have the wrong versions of 1 or the other.
  6. skyrim update dawnguard hearthfires dragonborn unofficial skyrim se patch sexlab zaz 7 sexlabaroused ddassets ddintegration ddexxpansion deviously cursed loot racemenumorphscbbe racemenu racemenuplugin db realistic ragdolls force ks hairdos ui extensions additem menu se showracemenu atlternative xmpse fnis skyui
  7. After all that it didn't work. I downgraded the game engine to previous version, downgraded skse and racemenu and it ctd's on startup. What have I missed?
  8. Thank you so much for that, I would not have known without your help.
  9. I still have a couple more problems I need help with to get it running. 1. can't get skse64 to run the game, it crashes now. Running it as admin didn't work. It's the latest version. 2, Where are all the items from expansion? I didn't notice a version of it for sse on here and it wasn't listed in requirements so I assumed it was prepacked with the sse version of ddi.
  10. I have just installed SSE now in order to try the new DD versions for the first time. I believe I have downloaded all the necessary files but I need some advice on what's different from oldrim, for instance, what's the story with NI overide and HDT physics, do I need them? Is there anything else I need to consider?
  11. Apologies if this has been asked before, but have Leon and Leah been removed from 6.4? All of a sudden I can't find them in bannered mare anymore.
  12. jigwigigx

    Volthar Manor

    Found this mod yesterday and I enjoyed playing it very much. It's a good old fashioned explore mod, very well designed.
  13. jigwigigx

    Devious Mindbreak

    Alright, thanks a lot. I will definitely keep an eye out for future updates of your mod.