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  1. Thank you for the best remake mod ever! I am enjoying playing Skyrim, thank you:) I have a request, please make it possible to kill with hotkeys. Regardless of the rank of the Relationship. This is because sometimes I can't kill someone I personally don't care for because they are too high rank for some reason.
  2. Great mod:) I use it all the time! This has been the case with every Ver for Utility. They seem to like gaps in the walls, sometimes happens by furniture. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?
  3. It's great MOD:) I have an idea. How about "Prolapsed Uterus Dick" for Sexlab strapon or Futanari?
  4. I'll write down what happened to me:) I started with New Game and put in 4.0. The MCM doesn't appear unless I load it before the SLHH esp. If I rename a player after the MCM appears, it causes a loading CTD.
  5. Thanks for your reply.  I have other problems, too. "Priestesses of Dibella at her Temple in Markarth will teach you the art of Seduction" Taught me the art of Seduction but I can't tempt anyone. "You can set the amount of gold you are normally willing to pay to hire a mercenary." from MCM Where's mercenary? Maybe,Populated Skyrim Baka Edition? "I need you to follow me. (Reputation -100)" The guard is follow me!? I've never seen this conversation... "Magic Cursor Key" from MCM I've tried merchants and guards on cross hairs. but there's no response. "BaboChangeLocationEvent06" Named "Lowlife" NPC is just follows me around endlessly after the conversation and does nothing. I'm trying to find a solution while dealing with the orcs:)
  6. With keyworded equipment, I spend my days playing with animals, orcs, walking naked:) But I have not seen any change in the Stats. Is there a specific mod or action need to take?
  7. 처음뵙겠습니다 I have a question. Several events have occurred, and I have been raped by orcs. However, my status has not changed at all. Lewdness Corruption Exhibitionist Trauma BikiniExp What triggered it?
  8. Thank you answer Let me say one more thing. How about something like this? If the device is unequipped without permission, as in this case, Arcadia will notice, get angry, make the quest fail, and start the punishment quest instead. Arcadia is an alchemist, so she forces you to drink a dangerous aphrodisiac... etc. It's just an idea.
  9. Sorry I found the cause. Diziet's Player Home Bath Undressing for SkyrimSE Even if I set the settings to not remove the Slot, it seems that "something" in the Device is removed. It may look like it's still attached, but after you get out of the bath, can use the same slot to attach other equipment The only thing that didn't come off was the genital piercing. Also, even after the device came off, the quest seemed to continue, and the temperature of the plug changed and vibrated. Even though nothing was in the crevasse. I tried to re-equip it. I was able to equip it, but no message appeared when I clicked on it. I don't know what to do:(
  10. To be sure,report after starting "Transcend Skill with Arcadia" can overwrite Device with equipment from the same slot Then, when you click on the device, nothing will be displayed.
  11. I am sorry if I am overstepping.  Is it possible to create something that does not depend on the MOD version,using DAR? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/33746 In fact, it works on my PC
  12. { "cmd" : [ ["actor_setrelation", "$self", "$partner", "4"], ["actor_infaction", "$partner", "skyrim.esm:378958"], ["if", "$$", "=", "1", "end"], ["actor_setfactionrank", "$partner", "skyrim.esm:104457", "1"], ["actor_setfactionrank", "$partner", "skyrim.esm:378957", "1"], ["actor_setfactionrank", "$partner", "skyrim.esm:369060", "1"], ["actor_name", "$partner"], ["msg_notify", "$$", " is follow to me."], [":", "end"] ] } This seems to have moved
  13. nothing follow me....  Am I doing something wrong? { "cmd" : [ ["actor_setrelation", "$self", "$partner", "4"], ["actor_infaction", "$partner", "skyrim.esm:378958"], ["if", "$$", "=", "1", "end"], ["actor_setfactionrank", "$partner", "skyrim.esm:378958", "-1"], ["actor_setfactionrank", "$partner", "skyrim.esm:378957", "0"], ["actor_name", "$partner"], ["msg_notify", "$$", " is follow to me"], [":", "end"] ] }
  14. fmm…I want outfits for expansion. not AnimObject
  15. I want to open and play with more Anus&Vagina   Like this plz.
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