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  1. I'm a bit confused about TBBP support. Every device that has to do with the breasts has inconsistent HDT physics. The boobs wobble separately from the devices. On github there are the following instructions "If using UNP-TBBP body, install Core and UNP files as above, then drag and drop the contense of the "02 UNP (TBBP)" folder into your /Skyrim/Data/ folder afterwards, say yes to merge and overwrite." but no "02 UNP (TBBP)" exists. Not in the loverlab download and not in the github download.
  2. So it's definitely a script, doing tscr prevents the player from dying. Now to figure out which one...
  3. I completely forgot console commands were a thing before loading, however i just tried it and the character still dies. I also tried resurrecting the player with console and it lets me jump around in a t-pose. Opening the console after resurrecting doesn't seem to kill the player again. Edit: with tgm the player dies like usual but with tim it takes me back to the main menu when i open the console
  4. So I have encountered a weird issue, when i open the ingame console my character dies right away. Not sure what could be causing this but I've done a little testing to see if i can narrow down the cause of the issue. Death is not key specific, it isn't dependent on the ` key. I remapped the C key to also open the console and it kills the player as well. New characters don't have the issue however i have like 100 hours in this character so restarting isn't an option. Cleaning the save didn't solve the issue. Disabling the mods i downloaded in the last 2 days (last
  5. Selecting via SUM isn't working no matter what i tried, i can't get DDe to recognize the actor i want to select. DDe only displays the player character, no NPCs. DDe worked fine before and was simple to use but now i have to cycle through MCM menus and it still doesn't work. This is why i say it's convoluted. I also don't see any benefit on SUM integration, what exactly did it add to DDe? This is my opinion of course, and you're obviously more knowledgeable about the mods than i am since they're your mods. Still these are my observation.
  6. SUM integration was a mistake. It added nothing and just made using this mod more convoluted for no good reason.
  7. So does solo autonomy not work at all? Only autonomy that seems to work is specific male and female pairing. To test this i used the extreme intensity settings, made the lot hypersexual, and made the sex duration max. I left a sim running for 2 hours real time as max speed and the sim didn't perform a solo sex interaction at all otherwise they would still be doing it and i would have had a notification. There are many solo animations in my game so the lack of animations isn't an issue.
  8. If you download s4pe and extract the xml file "S4_339BC5BD_00000000_91A5242D03602E12%%+_XML" from NisaK_Wicked_Perversions.package, you can edit the decay rate of pink. I made mine about 1/8 of the default value just because it got annoying. I feel like we should be able to edit settings like these through the in game ui, not sure why this isn't an option yet.
  9. Is there any setting or 3rd party mod which can keep sex persistent on lot change? Lets say 2 household sims start a sex interaction at your home lot and you visit a neighbors lot. When you get back the sims are doing completely different tasks. Is there a way to keep the sex interaction persistent through lot changes?
  10. Is there any way to keep sims persistent after leaving a lot? Say you start a sex interaction with a sim at your home lot and visit a neighbor with another sim, when you come back to your to your lot the sims that started sex interaction are still performing the interaction. It's annoying that everything resets as soon as you leave the lot.
  11. For the One Bar Prison can you change the Anal and Vaginal animations to their respective categories. It doesn't make sense for them to be in teasing.
  12. Password for 430 is "Password", Password for 420 and possibility prior is "Password?". Thank you for making me waste my time looking up this trivial garbage for the sake of convenience. Hopefully others with a similar predicament don't have to do the same and can just do a forum search for the password.
  13. This can sorta be done by joining the bandit faction. Simple console command, something like player.addtofaction 000E0CD9 0
  14. Anyone else having trouble with the "i need you to do something for me" dialogue? Half the time it just gives me options of punishment and not for them to actually go do something
  15. Is there a way i can using matchmaker spell to train slaves sex? Or is there an alternative to use your followers to train your slaves?
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