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    [mod] RimJobWorld

    So what is the matter with Age Morphosis Cells exactly? According to the OP, it should be comatible with 1.1, but every time I try to activate the mod, the game throws an irrecoverable error and disables all my mods.
  2. @stas2503 So I have finally got some more time to mess with Skyrim again... and I feel stupid. Turns out I was using some ancient version of bodyslide (no idea why I still had it) and upgrading to current version seems to have solved the problem. Sorry for taking up your time with something like this.
  3. No matter what I choose in the Outfit/Body or Preset fields, it does not seem to make a difference. There are still only those four items and no other items with "virgin" in name are anywhere in the list.
  4. I have an issue with building the items in Bodyslide, according to the FAQ page, I should see 25 Virgin items, but I only see 4 of them. I assume it's related to the items ingame not matching my body, but I have no idea what would cause this, or where to look for clues as I'm bodyslide noob who barely learned how to batch build. I have installed the main file and UUNP bodyslide package and I have the main requirements as well. I would be grateful for some advice.
  5. I do have the required plugins and I followed instructions.
  6. My game crashes every time i try to enter some buildings in the underground like guilds, clinic, Silver vine tavern. Any idea what can be wrong?
  7. It tells just "To get started, travel to the small town of Morthal and visit the sewers. The sewer entrance is found near the riverside." The whole town is build near riverside, I would not say it tells you exactly where it is. It's near the bridge, on the left side if you go from Morthal, at Morthal side of the river, behind rock. I hope it helps.
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