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  1. I'm trying, bit by bit everything is coming along!
  2. Hello, for the people who deal with NIF files, I am creating, or trying to create a mod that adds new perks using the Custom Skills Framework mod, I would like to edit the INTVampirePerkSkydome file, which is in Meshes / DLC01 / Interface, I would like to remove the werewolf and put on the Clavicus Vile mask, can someone help me?
  3. Hi everyone, I've been modifying Skyrim for about 3 years and decided to create a new modlist to play again, and I'm facing this bug, I can equip items or magic in my left hand, but when I click to block / use magic, my character just blocks, I disabled some mods that could have done this, I deleted the controls so that the game could create new ones, I looked in the forums, but the answers did not solve my problems, I hope someone can help me, my modlist, Ini's and plugins are in this link, more information, just ask me.https://modwat.ch/u/Biaaatch
  4. Hello guys, anyone have the link to TKAA that have been took from nexus? Skyrim Legendary edition, or SE, maybe i can convert it
  5. Hi, i want to know if anyone here knows and armor that looks like this, is from Bubble Girl, boku no hero
  6. Hello, I was browsing facebook when I come across this picture, does anyone know the beard mod used? I thought it was pretty cool and would be good for a wizard roleplay
  7. Guys need some help, Souls Quick Menu is not detecting any magic, just Flames, Healing and familiar, no other, I tried to use assignment mode, but it just replaces the currently equipped magic, can you send it to the next slot?
  8. Hello guys, I would like help to make these animations work, even following the 2 tutorials are still strange, thank you if you can help. Mod link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/86549/
  9. Happen with all female races Just when i turn left When i exit racemenu And all locations of the game
  10. Hello, I have a bug with the women's face in my game, they look normal, but when I turn their faces to the left, they look black and a little transparent, could anyone help? Mods that alter textures and body: UNPB Body NMM BAIN Installer v2-5-2 FIX Mature Skin
  11. Hi, today i'm installing mods, and the faces of the female elves just gone, they are transparent, and black, if someone can help enb 2019_01_21 11_35_03_11.bmp
  12. I installed SOS, then SkySight Skins, and i don't use any enb, i just wanted to do a better male
  13. Yes, i reinstaled all the mods, change them, but the seam keeps, try to blend the textures in photoshop, remove all the mods, but the seam is there, the same with a clean install
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