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  1. Personally, I have no problem paying for professional work. One thing I noticed about people who do it for free vs people who charge is usually you get better quality work. Tis a sad world we live in where people expect everything to not only be free, but for the product to be top notch quality. If someone wants to spend thier day making a nude mod for free good for them and if someone with experience wants to charge money then good for them too. I used to repair laptops. When I was very young, I quickly learned just how cheap people are who expect professional work for
  2. Or how about people stop being cheap and expecting something for nothing. 3d modeling isn't just something you can snap two fingers and poof it's done. If you don't wanna pay, then learn to do it yourself and stop being dependent on someone and expecting them to spend hours on end creating something for a few lousy free thank you's. 3d modeling is time consuming and I don't blame anyone who ask to be paid for it.
  3. Heads up but HDT SSE High Heels, hdtSMP and hdtSSEFramework are officially updated. Not sure If am I allowed to link them here but they are updated on that Chinese site
  4. All the people complain about her face. I like it because it's more realistic and makes sense in this games setting. Hate to break it to ya but women do not wake up in the morning looking like the supermodels you see on tv. Wash all that gunk off and you will be left with the very facial flaws superficial society likes to pretend doesn't exist. Besides I rather the character look like she's taking her job seriously than just trying to be all dolled up
  5. Now that an official high heel system has been made, will it ever be possible to revisit your old outfits and update them?
  6. Hey, nice mod! It's nice to see a different body type for a change. A rare one too boot! Most of muscle mods are exclusive to males. I don't know ifpossible but there is someone on deviantart who made a couple of pics for a body preset but never released it. You could probably use them as reference.
  7. The second one is called Ikaros. But it's only available on discord
  8. Trying to find this outfit, Especially the helmet. Any help please?
  9. I'm not for sure about the first pic. But I would like to find the source if possible. Thank you also!
  10. First. I think the hate for this game is overblown and it's only the vocal minority who hates it the most. Some of the complaints for this game are just downright silly (like the guy who said he quit because lack of boob physics). Some people take these games a bit too seriously sometimes. Second. Awesome mod! Keep up the good work!
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