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  1. I'd really like such a feature to be added! Sexlab Tools worked for me just fine, with nothing to worry about, but then the creator deleted it for some reason. I don't have that version saved anywhere. The port of the old version to SE that someone else did requires me to disable UIExtensions which...it's just not possible for me to do. At all. I need it working.
  2. So, does this have a feature like SL Defeat does, where you can pick exactly what animation is playing? I can't use the "Fixed" Sexlab Tools SE port because I absolutely need UIExtensions and can't disable it's ESP otherwise everything will break, and SL Defeat itself is old and I'm worried it'll mess up my save.
  3. Woah, this is super cute! Very nice artwork! :3
  4. Wait, so, I can only have one of your mods installed, because all your mods overwrite savestate's mod? There's no way to have the original furry mod and all of your pokemon installed at the same time?
  5. Hello! Guess who? :3

  6. Well hello hotness! I didn't expect this!
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