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  1. I don't know what I want to export. Change the frame analysis with "Ctrl + F8". I'm sorry if that doesn't work, but I don't know.
  2. Uzaki-chan Sugoi Dekai Mod (Common) Hash Error... (I don't know Honoka ver) Would you please fix it? Thank you.
  3. The hash is the same "86ea375d41faa35e" but which is correct? (Of course either works)
  4. [TextureOverrideBody] match_first_index = 0  ←Add this line This skin error can occur with other Honoka, Luna and Sayuri and Tsukushi MODs. The fix is the same, just add this line to your body swap.
  5. [ShaderOverrideWet2] not change(DL only data) [ShaderOverrideWet2] は変更はしない(DLしたままのデータ) Again, use this. I don't know if it had changed. 繰り返しになるが、これを使う。 変更してた場合は私にはわからない。
  6. @Adm99 I'm Apparently it wasn't what you wanted. I'm It didn't help. (Shower door and steam are visible.) But, I'm glad I was able to reproduce what you wanted. Good work!!
  7. My way is ShaderOverrideAccessoryLensePS=90413848ce1de931 (old 1e372bfddbafcfc9) (Clear glasses, shared with shower glass - demist) from KuroKaze78. ~Mods\Gacha Demist\demist.ini Line 140: [ShaderOverrideFrostedGlassFog] ; Bytecode hash: fbcb9e96 - not found in 2018-12-06 update ; Bytecode hash: 3da2a1ac - 2018-12-06 added gMaterialParam2 check hash = 1e372bfddbafcfc9 -> 90413848ce1de931 checktextureoverride = ps-t0 I'm glad if you can use it as a reference.
  8. What kind of error is this? Does not occur in the angle or studio. It’s full of things I don’t understand😓 edit: [ShaderOverride-Skin_UpdatePS3] hash = 29a6bbe4fb3fb695 run = CommandListSkin Apparently this code is involved... Improved with new d3dx.ini. tysm XD
  9. From the following files Square Bikini Nude~ \ Marie \ Marie.ini ex)In my's case [TextureOverrideSquareBikiniHonokaIB] hash = f205d51b <-this! handling = skip
  10. @kuroneko90 That mesh change happened long ago. The current mesh is ”f205d51b” please confirm. have fun. PS : This is my opinion, but I don't think it's good to speak only in Japanese. At least use machine translation. for instance, like this. たとえば、このように。
  11. Touenoubu(common) 5/22update Mesh Adress Change (x3) 1. old:7ba49a77 new: 3f2e6cf3 (Integration) 2. old:30d12752 new:3f2e6cf3 (Integration) 3. old:1f022756 new:0cb6a751 There may be others.
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