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  1. I had the same concern. The fomod doesn't check to verify the existence of TLK's esp file so be careful enabling that option. Optionally, you can install the mod from Nexus. Lovers Luxury bed - The Lady Killer (STANDALONE - MYBed) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7400?tab=files
  2. Thank you very much for the quick response. I cannot express how much I appreciate the comment. I'll reinstall and see if I can find an earlier save that works. Thanks again and great work!
  3. I'm having trouble with AAF Violate where I am unable to surrender, am not captured when beaten up and cannot capture bad guys/gals. I did have this working but troubleshooting an unrelated issue F'ed this up. I've turned debug on and get the "AFV Report: Control down: FPV_SurrenderKey so it seems like it's working correctly but I cannot make sense of the log file. Papyrus.0.log TIA
  4. Thanks Captn. I've tried that and I'm in good shape. I just cannot figure out how to remove the problematic scripts and/or mods.
  5. I don't think this is AAF related but immediately after updating AAF to v25, I began getting regular CTDs every 4-5 minutes. I think these are from adding and removing mods trying to correct the animation problems on my own - because I'm a super-genius [not]. I've attached my load order and papyrus log here in the hope some helpful soul will provide guidance. TIA Papyrus.0.log loadorder.txt
  6. Thank you, I had v24 installed but see there's a new version. I'll try it right now. [Edited] Updating to AAF 25 seems to have resolved my issue. Thanks again.
  7. In JustBusiness (0.5.8), I keep getting a weird error at the beginning of many sex scenes. I'm not sure what furniture it's looking for but when I "mark" someone and defeat them in combat. When I command them to have sex I get this error... I've included my Loverslabs mods and relevant Nexus mods in the spoiler. I appreciate any help.
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