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  1. Is There Anyone Who Knows How To Create Tattoos For Slavetats? I Have Some Ideas For Tattoos.
  2. Is There A Sexlab Voice Pack, With Females With A Canine, or Other Beasts?
  3. Hello, How's Everyone Doing? I Listened to Mostly Everything, Excluding (most) country not my cup of tea.
  4. I Have a Minor Question, The custom arousal messages aren't showing up when my charater's arousal level rises
  5. I Have a Question, Would it be Possible for a more Animal/Beast Themed Voice Pack? Like a Elf or Demon with a wolf or dog.
  6. Would it be possible for some more animal/beast tat packs in the future?
  7. Hey, Billyy I am unable to get the canine animations in your 2nd animation pack to work any advice?
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