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  1. I updated a savegame with ssl framework 1.57 and with both quests already done. The flood spell stops quickly when the PC is wearing a plug, it seems that this is intended, but can the user do something so that this spell just continues for the PC? Thanks to Min and the team for improving this mod so much!
  2. I assumed that this was a routine job, not challenging, not fun, but routine. Morrowind had a bug that did not allow opening the 'door' out of the hold of the ship. This was the very first scene in the game I tried that again much later on a different computer when Bethesda's had made patches. It did still not work! I imagine working for this company must be very frustrating. I suppose that management send a message to the crew, such as "next week all must be finished, because we want to sell this product to the public". I also assume that the crew would have liked sufficient time to make a good product. I know, that are a lot of assumptions. Anyway, nice to get a response, where I did not expect one.
  3. Min: Good news! (Bethesda continues to amaze me, there is not much that they did right. They couldn't even make a proper interface for the PC. Is that not a basic task for a programmer? I have a mod for that (so that when one clicks on a text, that text is actually chosen), and many mods to correct many other things.)
  4. As I have said earlier, this is a great mod. With ssl 1.75 both quests worked well. However, I have similar problems as Discord12 above after testing extensively. The plugs work well on my followers. When i give the followers plugs to another NPC nothing happens, not even a sound: papyrus logs show that the plugs were equipped, and later that they were unequipped, but nothing about the spells I used in between. Show inventory also shows that the plugs and belt were equipped. The spells give no sound. All spells work well on the followers; however when the PC is equipped the buzzing stops after a short while. I tried with many non-follower NPC's and the plugs did not work on all except one. Unless, you want the users to be as frustated as the PC during "forbidden knowledge" , the plugs do not work as intended. (I read your todo list on page 169) Is there anything the user can do, any advice?
  5. "It's already been fixed, redownload the framework/update patch. It was reported a couple hours after the release of 1.57, and rather than a new version I just stealth reuploaded 1.57 with it fixed." So, downloaded after Last Updated: May 11 2014 12:59 PM (e.g. 14:45) is the fixed version of 1.57?
  6. With sslframework 1.57, version 1.10 seems to be working fine (I tested without the creatures mod). Now that there is an MCMenu, perhaps the pop-up question about using a bed is not needed anymore: an MCM option could override it (beds are always/sometimes/never used). Or, an MCM option could be that the sslframework option is always used . And, thanks for this mod! EDIT: I got CTD's upon loading saves now and could only load a game when I went back to a save game with MassMatchMaker 1.02. (after installing 1.02 again). This does not mean that 1.10 is the problem, but I would like to hear from others if they got it working. Edit: maybe it is because I resurrected Adrianne who was killed by vampires? UESP wiki gives no warnings about resurrect. (Nazeem got killed too )
  7. Version 1-0


    SixColorOverlay is a utility for users who want to make their own overlay designs, and provides the option to publish them as mods. It requires RaceMenu v2.5.1 to add overlays for warpaint and tattoo's on the head, body, hands and feet. To experiment with overlay designs, and to use them in game, SixColorOverlay contains 6 dummy files for each of the 4 body areas; hands, feet, face and body. The dummy files are meant to be overwritten with your own design. Six overlays is a lot, but is meant to test several different designs at one time, and to bring your final design in Skyrim, with up to 6 independent colors. Up to 6 independent glow colors are optional. The dummy files are 1K .dds files, but can be overwritten by any size you want. Look in Data/textures/Actors/Character/Overlays for Body, Hand, Feet and Face folders. For instance, rename your body paint file to BodyColor1.dds and overwrite BodyColor1.dds. Open RaceMenu and choose BodyColor1 in the texture list, choose a color for the texture (a color for glow is optional). A mod with your final design can be made by unpacking this mod, overwrite with your .dds files, and archive with 7-zip. Warnings: be aware that this is my first mod and that is has been tested for a short time only. It works when other overlay mods are present or absent. I had an unintended (but reversible) glow effect once when two overlay mods added textures to the same area. It works when Racemenu Loose Base Scripts v2-5-0 is present or absent. TES5Edit gave no warnings on loading. Installation: use a mod manager or install manually. RaceMenu v2.5.1 is required. I put it after RaceMenuMimic.esp (not required, not present) with BOSS Userlist Manager. Loading after Racemenu or Racemenu plugin is probably OK. Credit: I mentioned that this is my first mod but only part is from me. Compiling became a guessing game for me; I got help from B3lisario, and from Uriel who compiled it for me (which is of course a crucial step). Racemenu includes Netimmerse override and these mods make overlays possible, both were made by expired6978. Credit: Link to this page if you want to post this somewhere else. Nothing is required of users, but a (link to) an image with home made overlays would be nice. Overlays can be shared. Example: In the image 3 different textures are used, which each were given a different texture color and just tiny bit of a glow color (similar, or very different from the underlying texture color). Hands, Feet and Body each have 3 textures (I made no textures for the head this time). The original is a photo from the ESA/Hubble site, credit: ESO, edited version of heic0913c; http://sci.esa.int/h...l-box-heic0913/ For more images (earlier version) see http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15224-show-your-skyrim-counterpart/page-539?do=findComment&comment=759968
  8. Thanks Ashal, for clarifying the status of the current beta. Quote; "It should be "safe" for use in a main save at this point, just don't expect existing plugins to be compatible now or anytime soon, there will be broken mods that need to update to the new SexLab to work right." (Look above for complete text.)
  9. Is it correct to suppose that the current alpha and beta's will lead to a stable version soon, or is the plan to do all planned work mentioned in the opening post before publishing a stable version? (This question may need some disclaimers: I am not trying to rush anyone, and I know about "It is done when it is done". Point is, I don't have 1.39 installed at the moment and because this looks like a big rewrite, I need to decide between installing 1.39 or waiting for the new version. That is all.)
  10. Where can I find the "Hello Cherry" panty in the pictures of 54. Aeri Assassin Armor - UNPB BBP Found it! via a japanese site: Osare Panty - UNP by anano http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26305/? That leaves this question, which I can't answer myself: It could be in the pantyhose mod, but I did not install that because of the warnings in the text: Is it safe to use now with the NetImmerse Override skse plugin (without racemenu), or does it still give problems? Thanks for your work B3lisario, I added quite a few of your mods with the merged esp. And thanks for Sif Olafsdottir! I have admired her from afar, and now it turns out that she can be downloaded. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/Images/412597/?
  11. Yeah, there are quite a few existing mods that makes it possible to hug or kiss someone (Luxury Suite, Free Hug Mod, Kiss 'em All, Hug Me Dovahkin Relaxes too), but I suppose you use them already as you asked for version in different posture. Point is, that it may be nice to be surprised by NPC's doing someting, or initiating something. The things the player initiates do not surprise the player. But it was already made clear by Zynisch that this is not possible right now for him. (Actually, I liked the hug mod from the luxury suite, because there is no other way to say hello or goodbye, or break off a conversation in a gentle manner.)
  12. Zynisch Posted Today, 05:48 PM "As far as I know, I need to make an FNIS mod like SexLab for paired animations, or something like Fore's idles for single actor animations, if I wan't to replace an "original" Skyrim animation. And that goes far beyond my knowledge." No, these lean-to animations are done by single NPC's. I suppose you have seen an NPC bend over an enchanting table. But never mind, you have gotten so many new ideas already, and that adds up to a lot of work. Perhaps Ashal is willing add your animations to sexlab, he has done it before and he would know if a FNIS mod is needed.
  13. You're adressing your request to the wrong Person. I could make such an animation, but I can not force an Actor to interact with an object. That's the work of an Modder, not an Animator. I don't know how to do it at least. The only thing I might be able to do is an animation with a single actor. Like the masturbation you mentioned. But I can't align the Actor with the Wall/Chair/Table etc. You'd need to align the actor with SexLab controls and that would be very annoying I think. Also it wouldn't work with NPC's only with the PC. The idea was that the existing vanilla lean-to animation and lean-to wall animation would trigger a new animation. NPC's do those animations already automatically, for instance in the underground bathhouse or in a home assigned with My Home is Your Home, but also in the vanilla game. So, my request was indeed about NPC's. But you know best what is feasible.
  14. I Hope to see the anims you are working on in game soon. You invited requests, so here are mine: There are some vanilla lean-to animations where the NPC leans on a railing or enchanting table: a relatively simple loop would be to let her sway her buttocks seductively, and maybe look backwards (and to front again) in a second stage. What about kissing and foreplay while NPC's are sitting on a bench or in a bath. There is a lean-to wall animation that is good for female NPC masturbation, sliding down against the wall in a squatted position at the end. Well, easily asked, but probably a lot of work.
  15. Thanks Blabba. "Also, just don't use NMM, it's that simple. I can understand if you already have like 500 mods installed using NMM (I did too) but I HIGHLY suggest you switch to Mod Organizer. It'll be well worth your time. Using Mod organizer has it's perks as well, when you make outfits in BodySlide with MO, all the outfits go into a seperate directory called 'overwrite' which means the original meshes stay untouched and can remain as a backup." Well, I just re-installed windows and am halfway through with installing Skyrim. I remembered that MO has disadvantages too, but the truth is I just plain forgot about MO when it was relevant :-) During the fresh installation I spent lots of time finding out what should be installed first and what could/must overwrite and I think MO could have made that a little easier.
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