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    I second this. it would be nice to actually have a tentacle monster mod where they're not aiming to kill any colonists, only lewd them with their absolute horniness.
  2. did that already didn't change anything. edit: just saw the check-mark by "Max Sliders in CAS" and I guess I didn't do that yet. that wasn't in the instructions... edit 2: that didn't seem to change anything...
  3. Yes, I have in fact a LOT of the Nraas mods, including Master Controller. how else would I be able to follow the instructions up to that point? I'll see about following your instructions. I'll edit this post in a few minutes if there's a problem. if not, that's because I'm editing the faces. edit 1: so uh... Nraas/Master Controller/CAS is not a valid directory. There IS Nraas/Master Controller/Advanced/Edit in CAS, but that leads back to my problem. edit 2: using a computer doesn't solve the problem... it only adds a step to get there.
  4. I just tried the instructions, but I don't seem to be getting intended results. it says to "Edit in CASS" but I can only see "Edit in CAS" and that not only doesn't give me numbers on the sliders, but it also doesn't increase the amount the sliders can reach up to.
  5. This site wasn't exactly the first site I checked for furry stuff. I didn't know Lovers Lab's Sims 3 community existed until recently, since I've only started getting back to Sims 3 recently after my sister talked about it. And so I found this result on a search engine (not google because fuck google), and it lead me to this page. You're right though, I really shouldn't delete my posts... I normally don't which is the weird thing, but I guess that because this post is so old with replies from years ago, I guess I thought I could get away with it or something? probably not, but I don't think I'm doing that again. as for the instructions, I haven't gotten around to doing any of them yet. Aside from work, modding the sims is rather intimidating and time-consuming. intimidating because I could break the game easily if I don't do something right, and time-consuming because... well, playing the game with hundreds of CC, mods, and worlds doesn't exactly make it the fastest running game. I believe there's a werewolf teeth mod that makes a snout accessory if you want the teeth to be one https://modthesims.info/d/571732/werewolf-face-set.html
  6. First of all, I'm not a new member. second of all, I deleted my post when I found the link on here because I'm an idiot that didn't see it at first. Third, sorry for annoying you... didn't know you were quoting me lol. I don't exactly spam F5 on a post that hasn't had replies since 2018.
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