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    second life
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    sex, sex mods, slaves, piggies sluts.
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    i used to play smite a lot, you can say im addicted to smite, and always have sex in second life.

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    beg for my skype worthless fuckpig.

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  1. Woud you stop sending pictures of your dick? Are you sick??? Seriously??

    1. piggies slayer

      piggies slayer

      im not really sick, i just forget when, maybe i was drunk lol.

    2. piggies slayer

      piggies slayer

      im sure i did not log in about months.

    3. Khajiirah


      Yeah, youre drunk but not too drunk to send me a Picture of your dick? its not fun, really, even you don't knew which things in life i did see and others did do to me, thanks man, really, dont need such a shit again!

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