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  1. ouch im soo dumb sorry for that i dint play oblivion because i have a trauma with a horse there. soo idk sorry
  2. sorry for the dumb question but do you have HDT-SMP instaled? you chose the correct body that have phisics wen you click (if you click) build? special race?
  3. about the arm i believe is a classic problem of xpmse skeleton there a patch that need be ticket on fnis or nemesis. you tryng to convert le to se or se to le stuff?
  4. um...why not is the same armor right? i just need to know how to say to the bodyslide that he is "knocking in the wrong door" bodyslide:I here to change the ignis armor i knock on oldbdopack.exe door but no one aswer me:oh ignis armor moved to BDOR pack try knock there bodyslide:ty kind rabbit get it e.e?
  5. um...i can't make these bodyslides work with the pack then ? would be easier then bother you to reconvert then
  6. glup modify esp? erm..i think the pack dont come with bodyslide files if is that what you meant
  7. less impact on the load order,hdt phisics,the pack ofer many color choices for armors, some standalone armors are not disponible anymore like ignis and hillat that i forget to mention (i prefer the black kibelius :p)
  8. now i the one who don't get it.. put textures in a bodyslide file?? the little i know is bodyslides are files that modelate meshes and textures already existent in a mod if i not wrong?
  9. let me try again...the bodyslide already exist they already done.but they change another version of the armors in this pack, i want to make these bodyslide i posted work on the armor in the pack soo i can use these bodyslides in the pack. i want to know if it is possible or not if yes how? some of then are not disponible standalone anymore either sorry for bad english
  10. yes thats it,like change the armors there like they meant to do..but with other vers
  11. sorry i explained it bad. those bodyslides i show don't work with this pack but the armors are in this pack what happen is those bodyslides are made for standalone ver.of these armor soo i think is possible make then target the armors inside the pack (make the changes to then) and not the standalone ones one time they all there in the pack the "same" armor maybe change the id or something like that
  12. hello my friends happy mothers day hug you mother go go i wait. now that you do it can you help me with a doubt? i want to know if is possible too make these bodyslides: work with this with this pack=https://www.patreon.com/posts/le-bdor-pack-by-37701060 ? tyvm
  13. All's Well That Ends Well by William Shakespeare takes a while for me to get that what that phrase means because like BHUNP is bad explained but i figured it out all well wen it ends well if is not well is because IT DOEN'T ENDED YET. please try one more time at least. i hope you fine sorry bad english. depression is becoming more common nowadays soo many other fell this way is hard but believing that someday things will be better is what keeps me moving foward try one more time:D
  14. tyvm dumb but happyly i contact the creator and he kindly reply me ^^. the problem was simple to solve dar was not creating female and male folders i created and put it there all work fine now well he don't state in description that some animations need to be put in these folders soo bare with me tyvm
  15. sorry for necropost but do downloaded bodyslides don't work for the pack only standalone armor mods?? ty
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