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  1. It's probably already out there but what I'm looking for is a mod that makes my mage aroused while casting spells, for combat there are simple sadism & masochism & combat arousal, I'm looking for one that at least a penetly to casting spells, like arousal or exhaustion something along that line. Any ideas? And thanks again in advanced.
  2. Any known conflicts I can't hunt my first prey, I uninstalled skywild any known conflicts with Beasts Of Tamerial?
  3. I know this old in coming but I can't get past the statute of Dibella to hunt my first prey, am I missing something here? I uninstalled skywild in case of conflicts are there any conflicts with Beasts of Tameril?
  4. It's probably been made, I'm just at a lost on where to look but I have thief character and I found the prison overhaul mod, awesome btw, but I was wondering if there is any mod out there that adds public whippings as punishment for commiting a crime?
  5. Hey is there a good link show how to use Skryim SE with MO2? I'm trying to find it for my niece, her bday is in two days and since she love the whole Elder Scrolls series I thought me doing this for her would make her day,
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