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  1. I'd love to know how you worked that out since been here 5 years longer than him with a content count almost 1k higher xD. There is a way out.... It's called Death
  2. Hi , you do realise he means me right xD *quest complete*
  3. Next for the follower bin :-



    1. Agent Tex

      Agent Tex



      Are they gonna be published?

    2. Tifa Lockheart

      Tifa Lockheart

      The elves already are, Kendis (Redguard) and One Eyed Willie (above) are probs gonna be part of a set of thieves guild hirelings. 


      Yup . Hirelings. Because money talks ;,)

  4. Been working on some predominantly vanilla asset male followers with the exception of 1 or 2 beard mods   ? ? ? ? ? ?




    1. Agent Tex
    2. Tifa Lockheart

      Tifa Lockheart

      Just re familiarizing myself with the ck on some pretty simple stuff, doesn't seem to be many gritty lore friendly males out there. Danke lovely x

  5. Good luck with whatever your reason being for leaving is. And thank you for your contributions. LL is one of those places you sometimes just feel a need to step away from , but equally one of the places where taboo is so normalised it seems ordinary.... Again , all the best for the future . xox
  6. Made the config for that myself many years ago , way back in 2014-16 , not something released
  7. ...Just wanna get back to exploring and stealing but no.. ..can't get free..  ?  ?ScreenShot662.jpg.e6886694de623a6ac39c63da738f2061.jpg

    1. Deso561PL
    2. Agent Tex

      Agent Tex

      :D Back to it then it seems 

    3. AkiKay


      Poor you. I swear one day I´ll make sure you get free!! ?.... after I have asked the man clearly enjoying himself in the picture to possibly release me again. Pretty please ? That might take bit... 

  8. Here ❤️ I'd recommend using them with Rape Tats / Fade Tats , so there's a chance you can get marked on rape scenes / they fade over time, all configgy in MCM too....
  9. I guess you're not entirely bricking the use of the debug util as you could just reinstall the original scripts to restore the MCM , a lockout when restrained like how DCL handles it would be cool, I'll pester RMC and see if he can do it. This was just a "quick , stop her cheating" notion. Which rather frustratingly, works.
  10. It's a mix of that Divine Elegance + common clothes.
  11. Banned for being a default occupant of this threads cesspit still after all this time... (Good to see you Loko ❤️ )
  12. ScreenShot541.jpg.d42c42c28e48f0bcae52d36ebaf61cf6.jpgScreenShot540.jpg.657ecc5f26b2b924c2ded23c51f561a8.jpgScreenShot544.jpg.5e7be084bb815a1b2440df8363fe6541.jpg


    Been a while since i played Necro , Amputator is pretty rad for making chewed up followers :O

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