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  1. @k7owny The link still works, it's for torrent.
  2. I need that futa cock
  3. @dermoritz What does the torrent contain? I have only downloaded the Khaledantar666 torrents that usually just lack the most recent ones.
  4. @The Butler Anne looking good
  5. Nice... but please, for the love of God, fix her fucking potato face.
  6. The MC looks like a nuLara or maybe is the generic modern design of females nowadays. Still, I need nude mod incentives to play this game since all my experience with the developers mediocre games. Sadly (and probably deservedly since the game run like shit because of the dual screen gimmick) I don't think this game will be popular at all.
  7. @Nardy I remember the developers quietly changed the description of the game from RPG to Action game months ago in their site. Things that were planned with the demo from 2018 got cut. This is more of a straight rpg like The Witcher in which you could only role play as Geralt and maybe select different outcomes in your quests but play them almost the same. The term has become so broad and vague that lots of games claim to be rpgs but in none can you really roleplay and choose your own adventure.
  8. @W1cked make no mistakes, this is what the average slav will look like in 50 years
  9. 0:13 literally me when I'm hunting for some pussy
  10. @tempx8675309 Only 90%? I thought we were all traps in this forum... teehee
  11. @angevil Maybe when the multiplayer comes out they will fix it or someone else could if it's not incorporated in the base game. assert_dominance.webm
  12. The more I see, I don't think the third person mod will be anything but janky animations and weird broken stuff. 1607870347155.webm 1607870174605.webm
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