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    I like listening music does not care genre. but my fav is KIDDUS I/Cedric Myton/Yabby You and Katatonia
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    I'm working medical staff on hospice now

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  1. well, I download this, then I found Error on this file. here is LE. <categoryid>animation_element.py:185</categoryid> I was scared my save was break or not, but remove your file then restart will fixed. so I did watch your file on S4S, what is Merged package Manifest?, and DST image mean?. anyway your file make LE.
  2. Thank you very much for your fine animations. Great idea with nisa mod change, at bit too much with drool on face for sims with thight holes. But its not working on men with tight holes - yes I have them, naughty naughty me..

    1. TLayer


      ah I got request from some forum what can you reupload this. so I've check that and fix. then I've not check as male, OK not sure this work on male, but if NIsaK work on male, it will work I thought. I will try for that but give me a times.

    2. tchr


      Thanks. I might have found an easy solution. I made 2 males with thight holes, one black and one white skintone in random hue.  The black man showed nisa´s drool. the white man did not - even in close up in cas. So, if this turns out to be right in further gameplay. any men with thight holes just have to be light colored in skin tone.

      Im sure you have a lot of pressure at work in these bad times all over the world, so dont lose any sleep over this minor thing.

    3. TLayer


      OK, I made 4 male for test that without my NisaK_Blush_Blank_Override.package
      1. EA default skin toon black one 2. EA default skin toon one 3. CC skin toon black one 4. CC skin toon white one.
      then run Animation No.11, ofc they all have Sensually Tight.

      they all does blush, but they all does not have Tears. No.11 have Oraljob/Anal.
      but NisaWickedPerversionsvLL_2_7i "Sensually Tight" would not work on male.

      I did doubt "is Anal not working on this?" so I tried made female then run No.5.
      then worked. so NisaK_Wicked_Perversions "Sensually Tight" is not working on male, I mean Anal.
      if Perversions not work ofc Blush_Blank_Override as well. 

  3. I'm not sure what who got your message before, and I'm not good at XML aswell so I've still using WWAniXmlTweaks 0.3 without stripclub.package, so longtimes ago me and TURBO, CN told about XML about Tag. I'm out of language of English basicly but they did listen what I want to say. and sometimes TURBO give us message about how change XML on future. and I saw almost people response to him. so I don't think bunch of people not helped you. anyway if even free, you gift those Animation for everyone like a cake, I won't give what have problem one. if have problem, people can say anyr
  4. greeting, 1st of all thanks for add "like" on my animetion page. so I long times worried about talk about this, I've trying any other Animator's creation sometimes. then I installed "GreyNaya" before then I remove that for not make me confusion about my creating. after I install your Animation, "WW_Animes_Animations", but weird thing would happen. GreyNaya still working on my WhickedWhims, so I did try to run those but nothing happen. so I've open your Animation on S4S and watch your XML. your XML including 100 over GreyNaya. I've no idea why and this case wi
  5. my new work is busy, I don't have a time to do anything lately. sorry guys.

  6. Greeting everyone. 
    I will try to division Animation Sex and Dance, Dance is for New version WhickedWhims strip Club system.
    so D1/N4/D2/ maybe DSR will be included new package. 


    13 Shower stage 1 is already done, but I'm using everything on FBX, props location I think hard to set right way.
    "program convert problem", so next UPdate is 13 Shower stage 1 and new file for WhickedWhims strip Club system.
    maybe JPT Friday this week.

    1. True AI

      True AI

      The size of your WW_TLayer_Animations file has decreased by over 3 MB since your last update. Is that because animations have been moved to your WW_TLayer_StripClub file? I just want to make sure I'm downloading everything. Thank you!

    2. TLayer


      yeah, D1 series(Floor/Spot)/PoleDance series(PoleDance)/DSR(Floor/Spot) is now included in 
      WW_TLayer_StripClub.package. 4N is still WW_TLayer_Animations.package, so WW_TLayer_Animations.package has decreased by over 3 MB like this.

    3. True AI

      True AI

      Thanks for the info and the animations!

  7. Hi Everyone. I'm going to Reemployment in August on Hospital again.
    my old work is Medical University Staff, so not sure yet I can not take a time like before.
    I gonna try 1 month 1 series Animation, but maybe I'm gonna pretty busy from Corona everything
    so I think I can not accept anyone's support🥶.

  8. Just wanted to say you make the best animations i've seen so far! hope you're staying safe ❤️

    1. TLayer


      Thanks. :blush: our government is always very careful and strict maybe lol.

  9. hi everyone, you guys everything OK?.
    Tokyo gonna be fine from Corona after 3 week I thought, so I've restarting create Animation again.
    but I'm doing care my family, I would never get alone time still. we talking about DanceRush Stardom
    arcade game. I'm doing analysis to dance step, so I'm not sure which one will next Update will come.

    other thing, I've deleted my Tumblr and some files from some reason.
    and I did like to no more watch Gender vote Pole on my support page, so delete pole but support page
    everything gone🥶. but anyway that thing is good to me, I will create what I want to.

    I guess I won't quit soon, I do like to gonna be Veteran Creater. so no worries.

  10. hey hyungry. thanks for your message. I did watch your new one, ah I like this one than before one. but I won't watch over 15 min any Video sometimes. haha porn movie is difficult. btw this movie's Cock is I feel it's real, are you using Lunar Penis?
  11. Hey, thanks for your message. I did watch everything your movies just now. great building, awesome lighting, wonderful scene and edit so I was fascinated. I'm honored my Animation is in your movie, I will link your movie on my support page after this for more SIms player gonna watch it. I feel this is not just LGBT movie it's EXCELLENT video technic and GREAT sense.
  12. Hi! I just want to say that I found your work a few days ago and i LOVE your work so so so much!!! Im looking forward to see your new work ! ❤️ love and support!

    1. TLayer


      hi itsokaywtf :blush: I'm glad you like my animation. new one will pole dance, ww patron pole and EA default pole useing. soon will coming new GP, so not sure yet soon able to up, I hope you like it.

  13. Hi I just saw your sim models in your preview and i thought they look really hot! Is there any place we can download them?

    1. TLayer


      Hi Harland. 
      ah, sometimes I got those kind of question. well I won't any SNS right now I can UPload my Sim if you still want.  

  14. Hi Tlayer. I'm new to the website and not sure if this is where I should post this or not? But, I wanted to download you animations for wicked whims in my game but its not working. I've noticed that the other animations I have downloaded for Whicked whims are little black, square boxes that say exec in them. (I am terribly sorry that I do not know the technical name for the file lolol) and when I download your files its just a white paper (again, sorry for my description lol). I didn't think much of it at first and didn't noticed the difference until I turned my game on and realized the animations were not showing up. Is there something going on with your download files or am I doing something wrong? I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help me out! 


    1. TLayer


      Hi, Simsplayer318. sorry about late response I did download my file right now...
      and file is OK I though. if you still worry about file, 

      download from here, WW_TLayer_Animations
      optional file is just clothing, nothing include any animation.

  15. hi imback6, those file is default override. so probably your Bottom Mesh is conflict with other. I've test CAS override is working or not right now, and still not working. so I can not UPload CAS no conflict version. in my Sims4, file is working. and I've heard other ppl working aswell. so problem is your other file conflict or your file cash wrong. you need check other file is using naked female default bottom base, read #9 comment and try FIX Shower Nude. I hope that thing will working on your Sims4.
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