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  1. try to download the files from MEGA, here are the links. For me worked ok.
  2. Sorry 2 questions: A) do we need all the original mods listed in credits? B) How to build them in CalienteTool? thankyou
  3. Hi so there is someone who knows what is the mod that installs a loading screen with a dragon fucking an horse fuking a wolf fucking a skeever? Tnx lol
  4. And this is the original mod, but it isn't for cbbe nor bodyslide... I can't rebuild the armors in bodyslide after had it installed. Added in the original post the request for HDT version of the armors.
  5. Hi all, I'm searching for the bodyslide files for Brigandage, or the armors conversions. The better is to point me to something to add HDT to these armors. Do someone know something? thanks
  6. Ok so here what i've done: 1) I delete completely TUFP both from left panel AND from mod folder in MO. Now I'm positive I've deleted it completely. 2) I register FNIS every time I make a change in installed mods. 3) It seems to be successful, I've put a screenshot of the result as attachment. 4) I'm just finished to reinstall Skyrim on another pc so it is completely a new game, I even haven't any old save memorized. 5) Yes I did, I've checked every single requirement and their requirements, and everything seems ok to me... 0) Every time I check
  7. I deleted TUFP (TaraUltimateFurniturePack, i hope) but still the same problem. Installed Zaz 7 but same problem. I don't know what is ZEP... MoreNastyCritter is the version 11A from SLAL version. I readjust the load order as suggested there, but again can't solve anything... The texture pack are already overwritten by the vanilla optimized textures. I ticked off XPMSE but again the game didn't react. what else can I do?
  8. The right one: I've put it as last in order in both left and right panel in MO... I've already check the right panel with loot and have ordered the left panel based on that order... you can find them in attachment if someone have time to check them. in modlist TOTALPATCH is the last one. loadorder.txt modlist.txt
  9. Hi, new installation, installed every requested mods, but every time I check if zaz is correctly installed it fails, leaving my toon in t shape pose. I tried with zaz 6.11 and 7, even with 8 obviously without solve the issue. I in MCM zaz appears correctly every time and I generate everything with fniss and bodyslide. Can someone help me to solve? Thank you
  10. Hi, just to say that the mechanic you introduce with this mod for me is working even with every animals I happen to meet around. It include every horse I buy or stole (i'm using immersive horses) and even with Barbas, the dog of clavicus vile in the related quest. I did hire Jenassa, then let her go, but the time I stole an horse suddendly I earn a debt. For chance I return to speak with Jenassa for something completely unrelated and find that I must pay her. I don't know if there is something related to this. Any idea? For the m
  11. It seems to be: XP32 is #148 in modlist and #195 in loadorder. Realistic ragdoll & force is #145 in modlist and #36 in loadorder. In both cases XP32 should overwrite the other one, isn't it? I check and it has no esp so I think is ok to let it disabled even if some mod wants just it. - My bad: FNIS Patch is inside "TOTAL PATCH" with everything else that could appears in Overwrite any time. Is because I've got no brain to store infos like "oh so i've got something in Overwrite that was caused by.. err... " I can't remember so I use an unique "bin" for all. Maybe i
  12. Hi, i was able to install skyrim with more or less all the mods I was interested in, but now i have random crashes i believe due to a wrong order of some of these. I'm seeking help on my load order and modlist, because I can't find out on my own why I crash. Pretty please? Thank you very much to whoever can help me! loadorder.txt modlist.txt
  13. setstage zaddSGQuest 100 didn't remove the quest entry.. Do you have any idea about how to remove it?
  14. I have the same problem: i've installed creatures animation but apparently the sphere hasn't got any, so when it kills me happened the same thing happened to you. a speedy workaround i found is zoom out in 3rd person, select your character, open the console and type kill. apparently it resets something so it will return at her normal working. i have another problem: english is not my first language, so please use a workaround and try to understand what i wrote with some imagination XD
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