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  1. That's correct. I play on Island Living world and it happens there. I'm gonna try your tip after I launch my save.
  2. They just come in and start animations in my household. Maybe I'm blind but I've looked for this in the settings and couldn't find it in any of the categories. I am not looking for option to disable autonomy completly as I use Nisa's wicked perversions mod.
  3. People passing by my house (this one near the beach with bar next to it) just comming into my bedroom to jack off or have sex randomly Without even knocking. This happens for the first time of a year of using WW. PS: After time I think they were my welcomin team because one of them had this plate with some local food on it and there were 3 people as usual. It's some kind of bug because my first moved in sim was welcomed properly and this time they didnt even knock nor timer started up.
  4. I can't download MainFile 2.7. It stops at about 75%
  5. Daguy. As I remember there is an option in Geralt's dialogue lines which allows You to recall who is who when You talk to various npcs. But let's stay in topic. My personal graduation (Wjy I like the game): Skyrim let's You mod it like hell. Witcher. Good, deep story where character isn't in the center of the world. If newest Witcher will be still The Witcher my dreams will come true Of course I'll miss my "own" character and I hope reds won't make villages of most citys as it takes place in Skyrim. Maybe I don't know the lore but please, capital city Solitude has comparable si
  6. Propably You saw it eariler but I think it's good idea to link it here in "Gaming" section of LL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ_G6XiHoUA&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HGhm0H7d68&feature=player_embedded Share with us, Lovers what You expect from incomming REDs game.
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