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  1. Anybody find and human cow farm mods? Preferably quest ones. I cant find any. This is the first cow related mod I've found besides Bac and MME.
  2. I keep coming back to this page looking for updates lol. For whatever reason I cant wait for this mod.
  3. Is there a way to not have the chaurus try to kill the Brood maiden? I cant complete the quest. Im using the Alternate start
  4. Is this helpful? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94423-hdt-anus-physics-update-pesmp/ I found this in the comments written by StaticPhobia2: Oh, my dear friend, there is a working anus, if you follow my vimeo account, you'll see the prototype (I have since recreated and made it even better). Current Progress: High Poly-Smoothed Body - Complete Weighted-Smoothed Body - Complete Redesigned Vagina physics - Complete (Although that hdt butthole project from 2016 had their vagina operate like a sphinc
  5. So I am a massive fan of Being a Cow, and Milk Mod Economy (MMD) . I have looked throughout loverslab looking for a way to manage a farm or even join a farm. I found the one from Devious stories out by Riften, but there isn't much there aside from four NPC's. (2 female cows and two owners.) I also have downloaded a player home that sort of works called the Dungeon. However the Npc's that I put there don't really do anything without severe micromanagement. I don't mind micromanaging as long as I don't have to constantly order Npc's to "Go over there". Every time I want them to use equipment. I
  6. I've tried milking machines but they aren't transforming me. How do I start this. I keep looking under setting but each time i get milked from the machine it doesn't add a point to milkmaid. I don't understand what to do. I wanna have utters ??????
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