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  1. The mod doesn't even work......also the mod seems to be dead,
  2. I feel like a dumbass asking this. However is there a way to make yourself a breeder? Or are you just helping NPC's? I'm trying to find some Bestiality mods for my character.
  3. Are there any good Mod Managers for Crusader Kings 2? I use Nexus Mod Manager for Skyrim but it doesn't seem to work wit Crusader Kings 2.
  4. I keep hitting Critical error when I leave the flat starting around day 4.
  5. When will you know if you're not going to put them back up? I keep checking daily and I don't want to get my hopes up if you are in fact done.
  6. Any idea when the new files will be uploaded? No rush just curious.
  7. Any idea when the updated file will be done? Just so I know when to check back.
  8. The story could be an utter shooting cow, trying to overthrow Talos.........and before you say it. Yes, I realize I'm not right in the head. :}
  9. What is the command to join the cow faction? I believe that is my issue. Edit: I've given up, I'm just going to wait and see if this is playable in the next update. Hopefully it comes out soon.
  10. Is there any way to play this as a female. I like the concept but I don't play males often.
  11. I'm using CBBE HDT. I keep trying to use the sliders to build the body but they aren't working. I understand you said not to ask about the invisible body, but I truly am trying. Typically I hit CBBE Curvy in batch build for mods but this doesn't seem to like that. Again I apologize in advance but I'm stumped.
  12. Downloading and building now . Ive looked through your other mods, are any of them CBBE? I see UNP, but some I didn't see labeled.
  13. I cant use it yet because of the character limit. However Im looking forward to the update.
  14. any idea when there will be an alpha out?
  15. They still let me sleep in the inn. The stablemasters don't have any extra dialogue. Ive been trying this with a fully upgraded cow. Im also not receiving any types of quests for this mod.
  16. I Have tried everything to get this mod to work for me. I've spent the better half of three hours making new characters and deleting and reinstalling this mod. Does this just not work with Nexus Mod manager. Every other mod I have downloaded does work. I don't normally put so much effort into trying out mods but there are barely any other cow mods. I'm not getting any quest or dialogue options and I've been using the cow level up potion for all of my characters so I try everything with a 20 out of 20 cow. The mod shows up in my mod que and on the SKSE one. I have absolutely no ide how to fix
  17. Is this mod going to be updated. I love what I see but there isn't anyway to use the equipment.
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