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  1. 5 hours ago, ssamsbji said:

    Hi DeepBlueFrog,

    Can you give us map marker please !!! It is almost impossible to solve the stories without map marker!!

    Is it intentional to eliminate map marker?


    I hope that you could add marker in next version.......

    If you look in the description on loverslab under stories it says where to go. Hope that helps!

  2. On 11/21/2020 at 7:26 PM, LinksSword said:

    so i set up a custom scenario, using a few other mods, fill her up, being a cow which transforms you into a hucow, ZAZ animations, Beyond Bruma Minotaurs to set it all into motion, and sexlab utils to cause being a cow effects during orgasms. as it stands this is before/after







    Is this scenario publicly available? 

  3. On 9/3/2020 at 5:58 PM, Pornucopia said:

    It really is quite depressing, to be honest. First that one rubberdoll TF thing (the one with the inflatable limbs and all) was getting everyone excited, but constant progress requests (at least I'd assume that is the reason) from awaiting fans lead the modder to just abandon everything and delete the thread. Then this is abandoned as well.

    It all is a huge shame. The foundation for this all is *amazing*, but it's sad to see all these great projects never come into fruition.

    Still sad/salty about that rubberdoll TF mod never getting released. I don't even have the screenshots available anymore.

    These are sad times we live in...

  4. 3 hours ago, DeepBlueFrog said:

    Does the character turn into a Sexbot? I'm not familiar with that storyline?

  5. On 1/3/2020 at 6:04 PM, dakingcartoon said:

    whats the ETA on that? because breast milk farms are a big fetish of mine but the cuirass provided is just borderline unusable for me

    Happen to know any other games with hucow content lol. Everything I find out there only slightly skims on it. Skyrim is the game with the most content that I can find.

  6. On 1/6/2018 at 8:03 PM, AkiKay said:

    Phew. This Mod is amazing so far. I had some problems with the Hooves later though. They dont fit my characters hands. Theres a big gap. Im using UUNP. I´ve installed everything correctly too. I have no idea whats causing this. I don´t have any Mods installed that seem obvious to conflict with this Mod.

    Also could you add a "Very Fast" Option ? The "Fast" Option still seems really slow to me.  My Character has waited over 2 weeks (Milked every day) and i were at like 73% or something. 


    Thanks for Uploading!




    EDIT: Just found a mod for Fallout New Vegas which forces you to be a Cow. Later on it decreased your Intelligence. How about a little debuff in things like "Speech,Barter,Sneaking etc" This Option wouldn´t hurt the Mod.. If there would be a Deactivate Option.

    Happen  to know what that Fallout New Vegas mod is called? I've searched for something like that for a while now and cant find anything.

  7. So I downloaded AAF and some of the packs. However I'm only receiving a dialogue box instead of animations. I'm unsure if its a conflict with this mod or the animation packs. Should there be animations? I believe everything is installed correctly. This is and its requirements are the only mods I have installed. 

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