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  1. If you look in the description on loverslab under stories it says where to go. Hope that helps!
  2. I'll have to try I've never created scenarios before. Only whats in mods.
  3. When will the next farm update be? Im eager to see what comes next.
  4. Mod is dead. There really isnt any content. Not really worth the struggle.
  5. I see that this is a continuation, but what is the difference between them. Obviously there is more content but whats added?
  6. Does the character turn into a Sexbot? I'm not familiar with that storyline?
  7. How much content does this mod have? I want to try it but I'm not sure if I want to spend $50 on the season pass for a mod that doesnt have much content. since I already have the pass for xbox.
  8. There is a Veteranarian? Were and does it do anything?
  9. Happen to know any other games with hucow content lol. Everything I find out there only slightly skims on it. Skyrim is the game with the most content that I can find.
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