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  1. Mod is dead. There really isnt any content. Not really worth the struggle.
  2. I see that this is a continuation, but what is the difference between them. Obviously there is more content but whats added?
  3. Does the character turn into a Sexbot? I'm not familiar with that storyline?
  4. How much content does this mod have? I want to try it but I'm not sure if I want to spend $50 on the season pass for a mod that doesnt have much content. since I already have the pass for xbox.
  5. There is a Veteranarian? Were and does it do anything?
  6. Happen to know any other games with hucow content lol. Everything I find out there only slightly skims on it. Skyrim is the game with the most content that I can find.
  7. Happen to know what that Fallout New Vegas mod is called? I've searched for something like that for a while now and cant find anything.
  8. Does anyone have a working link to there Patreon Page. I cant find it. The link I see just brings me to another loverslab post.
  9. Does anybody know of any good hucow games out there? I cant seem to find any good ones. Text based games are also expectable.
  10. Could you please remove the male requirement. I understand that some parts will seem bizarre but I really want to try this with BOC and MME.
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