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  1. Hey i was looking for rpg maker nude sprites and found the thread you replied to about converting those XP Sprites to VXAce i was wondering if you ever finished those and if so could would you mind sharing them please?

  2. itsd like humanity wants to off itself murder torture and genocide are fine but the act of procreation? "thats bad mmkay?" fuck people who cares what "they" think "they" are but fearful mindless sheep who wish to abolish free speech, freedom of expression all forms of art which they blame for their kids shortcomings and would gladly give up the totality of their freedoms for a iota of a sense of _false_ security "lets give up all our rights and act like that makes us safe!"
  3. then would be possible to create kid models for npcs.
  4. kinda wish kids were actually kids .... fucks with my RP to have insta-adults -_- non nude of course i just like the idea of having brats underfoot on the ship im weird that way .. hmm wasn't there a mod that made tiny avali?
  5. What about "EBS"(enhancedBodyShape on Chucklefishforums)? or "get rid of that underwear" (steam orr nexus nude mod with genitals & physics)
  6. could you add support for saiyans please ? ... they kinda need nude textures too ... I have yet to see a body mod support them ... theres two mod makers on steam with saiyan race mods yet neither has gotten support ...
  7. ryukamikage


    will someone who knows how rez this mod? T_T
  8. personally im really hoping this happens ... i prefer the cutebound variants of races but cant really use em with sexbound ... i found work arounds using "cute style eyes vanilla avians & novakids " but sexbound reverts the eyes to creepy souless dots for scenes ... it also reverts my chosen body mod "nudity enhanced" i kinda want a patch for that .. its a nexus mod (i did a manual DL) and the author still responds i think....
  9. would asking for patches so SB would play nice with certain mods be ok? specifically nudity enhanced (Nexus by 10Ahtyt) so the textures(bodies) don't change to vanilla similarly i'd ask (if not too much to ask) if you could patch in for "Cute style eyes - vanilla Avians & Novakids (steam by MkioTNT) note: since i have yet yet to dip toe into the modding pool i don't know if there would be issues concerning the mod authors in relation to my question/request so if there is or if its too much trouble just say so...
  10. i'm new here but i can second being glad to hear the frothing mouthed idiots didn't storm the castle so to speak... and relieved to hear there's more to come.
  11. i'm sorry to hear that... my condolences for your loss
  12. heh im obsessed with T.I.T.S myself i was actually wishing for mods of this nature myself XD
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